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Garbage-seeking waste basket moves to catch any trash thrown at it


July 24, 2012

A Japanese inventor has built a waste basket that tracks garbage tossed in its general direction and then moves across the floor to catch it

A Japanese inventor has built a waste basket that tracks garbage tossed in its general direction and then moves across the floor to catch it

We've all done it: you toss a piece of trash at a nearby waste basket only to have it ricochet off the edge, forcing you to make that shameful walk to go pick it up and drop it in carefully. You only have your own hand-eye coordination skills to blame, but if you think about it, shouldn't collecting trash be the garbage can's job? That certainly seems to be the thought process that led one Japanese inventor to construct a smart trash can that tracks garbage tossed in its general direction and then moves across the floor to catch it.

The "Smart Trashbox" was created by a modder known as FRP, who custom designed and built almost every component. A concealed wheel base on the bottom gives it a full range of motion, while a Kinect sensor - the go-to device for modders these days - mounted in the room tracks moving objects. The sensor monitors any garbage flying across the room, calculates where it will land, and instantly transmits the data to the waste basket. The final result is the trash can appears to glide quickly over the floor as it chases after any wayward garbage.

Right now, FRP is still working on improving the accuracy of the garbage-seeking device, but plans to patent it and possibly bring it to market for consumers. Hopefully this is just one step closer to the robotic garbage cans that sci-fi movies have been promising for years.

Be sure to check out the video below to see how Smart Trashbox was made and how well it catches flying beer cans and plush toys.

Source: IT Media via RocketNews24

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Id be even more impressed by a trashcan that closed its lid when you try to feed it, dodged litter thrown at it, ran away from its owner and sulked under a cupboard if people were around.

AI based on genuine (pet) personalities.


Now all it needs is a robotic arm on the side of it to collect anything that misses the bin and lands on the floor.


Kool and they show you how to build it, beer can was a nice touch. I do believe this unit will sell .. good job you guys.

Jay Finke

Should invent the same thing for the washing machine. Those with kids and teenagers would appreciate this.


Public ash trays would be a great variation!

Oh and scaled up to catch people for fire departments...

Militarized version could one day deflect bullets...no more wearing 20 pounds of body armor in 120 degree desert heat.


"This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Minoru Kurata"

Who? and Why?


Or you could move the trash can next to your desk and drop the paper in it. What a useless device.


Ridiculous, stupid, unnecessary, meaningless tech....I want it :)

Terry Penrose

But what about the satisfaction of an accurate toss across the room? Gone forever.

Max Crittenden

What if your kitten jumps off your desk?

Sharon Shoemaker
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