Smart speed-humps retract at low speed


December 11, 2008

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December 12, 2008 Speed-humps are an undeniably effective way to slow down traffic in areas where high-speed poses an increased risk, but you can often get more of a bump than you bargained for, and if you happen to drive a low-slung sportscar this can be bad news indeed. Here's an idea that solves the problem by ensuring low-speeds while minimizing the impact on the motor vehicle.

Designed by Jae-yun Kim & Jong-Su Lee, the retracting speed hump senses the force of impact and reacts accordingly. This means that they can be set-up to automatically flatten out if the vehicle is traveling below 30kmh but remain active if speed is above that level.

The designers also see an environmental benefit to the use of the concept because it encourages motorists to maintain a low-speed throughout an area where speed-humps are in use, rather than speeding up in between and increasing exhaust emissions.

A terrific concept but like many before it, the likely barrier to its adoption is the cost of implementation.

Via Yanko Design.

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