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Smart Gaswatch keeps tabs on propane digitally


August 28, 2014

The Smart Gaswatch lets users know how much propane they've got left

The Smart Gaswatch lets users know how much propane they've got left

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Anytime you have people over for a barbecue, the risk of running out of propane is a threat. Most tanks don't offer an indication of just how much is left, and even if they do, it's hard to translate that into an amount of time to cook. The Smart Gaswatch is designed to monitor the amount of propane in the tank, with an estimate of how much time the user can actually keep grilling.

What makes this device interesting is the way in which it reads how much propane is in the tank. Instead of having to stick anything inside of the tank or along the hose, thus risking leaks, it actually uses a weigh scale. Users input the tank's weight, and from there it subtracts that from the weight it detects to find the amount of propane left. It's simple, but it sounds like it should be effective.

The small digital screen displays the percentage of gas available and an estimate of how much cook time is left before the propane is depleted. It also has an alarm that alerts users when the tank is low.

The Smart Gaswatch is available now directly from TVL International, the company behind the device. It's listed for US$29.99. This is not the first propane gauge from TVL, though the previous model connected directly to the tank and used analog dials to inform the user of the tank's status.

Source: TVL International

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Finally a gizmag article on new gadget that lists the PRICE. $30 is reasonable, though one could use a digital bathroom scale, since there's no way to know how fast you're burning thru the propane, even with this thing. Even better, Get a spare tank and a "tee" so you can switch to the backup tank automatically. Primary regulator set for 5 psi( just as a example, not sure what pressure is normal for propane regulators) backup regulator set for 4.5 psi. The main tank will supply all gas till it's empty, then backup tank takes over.

Norm Frey

It's pricey, but I thought I'd give it a try. Backed out when I saw the outrageous shipping charges.


I've been using a small weigh scale for years. Grade 2 math easily converts weight to propane remaining.


Seems like a great I wish I had a device like this so as to measure the total amount of propane in a propane tank

Vivek Singh

I just keep a second bottle so if one runs out I can make a quick change and have the empty bottle filled at my convenience.

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