Skyline Chess set based on London's landmarks


August 28, 2013

The Skyline Chess set features pieces modeled after London landmarks (Photo: Skyline Chess)

The Skyline Chess set features pieces modeled after London landmarks (Photo: Skyline Chess)

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A new Kickstarter campaign hopes to bring London's landmarks to the game of kings. The Skyline Chess set features pieces which have been 3D-printed to resemble iconic buildings from England's capital city, including Big Ben and Canary Wharf.

Architecture has provided inspiration for boardgames before, and NEXT's Modern Architecture Boardgame springs to mind as one notable example. To be clear though, we're dealing here with a standard chess set and only the appearance of the pieces has been altered.

The designers obviously put careful thought into what form the altered pieces should take, and the Queen is represented as the Shard building, while Pawns become a typical terrace.

The Skyline Chess campaign has 29 days left to run, and a minimum pledge of £75 (roughly US$115) is required to snag a full set.

Should all go well, the eventual aim for the project is to produce similar sets based on New York, Paris, Rome, and Dubai, thus allowing "battles" between some of the world's major cities.

The video below shows the obligatory pitch.

Source: Kickstarter

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