Joystick-controlled electric Joyboat is designed for quiet cruising


January 27, 2014

The Joyboat can reportedly cruise for up to eight hours on one charge of its battery pack

The Joyboat can reportedly cruise for up to eight hours on one charge of its battery pack

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Although all sorts of people enjoy boating, not everyone wants to go blasting across the waves in a noisy speedboat. If you're more content with quietly cruising the waterways, then you might like Sky-Yacht's electric Joyboat. We recently spied the watercraft, at the Dusseldorf boat show.

The 5-person motorboat (which is referred to as a yacht) is powered by two electric motors, and steered using a joystick. Although little in way of specs were provided regarding batteries or maximum speed, one charge should be good for a claimed eight hours of use at the "average speed." If the video at the bottom of the page is anything to go by, that speed isn't anything particularly exhilarating, but is serviceable for getting around.

Users can view battery levels and other stats such as speed and course on a 7-inch touchscreen display, that can be upgraded to 10 inches if desired. Other features on the basic model include a set of rails, an anti-slip deck coating, and a swim ladder. The snazzier Prestige version has more powerful motors, along with cruise control, a Bluetooth audio module, GPS and remote-control steering.

Optional extras include a trailer, Bimini top, cover and table.

Both models tip the scales at 390 kg (860 lb), and are 4.28 meters (14 ft) long by 2.17 meters (7 ft) wide. The model on display at the show – which we think is the basic version – has a suggested price of €6,900 (about US$9,400).

If quiet electric cruising boats seem like your kind of thing, you might also be interested in the Loon or the i4.

Source: Sky-Yacht

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Better value than the electric surfboard shown further down this list. I suppose that regular upgrades would help with speed V range?

The Skud

I think that would be great for slow cruising on small lakes and canals where one has to go slow. It looks really nice.


Interesting music on the video, for a Polish company. Nice boat.

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