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SkyJump Las Vegas: 855-foot 'controlled free-fall' at 40mph


April 21, 2010

SkyJump - 855-foot controlled free-fall at 40mph

SkyJump - 855-foot controlled free-fall at 40mph

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If you've ever been to Las Vegas you'll probably be familiar with Stratosphere, the 1,149-foot-tall hotel and casino that towers above the famous Strip. If you're the adventurous type, you'd also know there's some fun to be had at the top in the form of three hair-raising amusement rides. Now there's a fourth. Claiming the title of the world's highest commercial decelerated descent, the SkyJump takes thrill-seekers on an 855-foot "controlled free-fall" at 40mph - think base jumping, but with a safety wire.

The SkyJump sees riders given a short safety lesson, suited up and hooked-up to a patented “descender machine" before taking the 100-story plunge off a small platform. As the ground approaches, the machine slows you down and brings you to a controlled landing - hopefully the only gambling will take place inside the casino... on the ground floor.

The whole process takes around 30 minutes and costs US $99.99 per jump.

“We’re incredibly excited to bring SkyJump Las Vegas to the Stratosphere,” said Frank Riolo, CEO of American Casino & Entertainment Properties. “This will not only be North America’s only skyjump, but also the highest skyjump in the world.”

The SkyJump is expected to open April of 2010 - if the other rides are anything to go by, my advice is to go at night... it's quite a view.

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This looks like fun, but then I\'m a little crazy anyway. I\'ve jumped out of trees 70\' above the Chattahoochie River, jumped off bridges into lakes, jumped off cliffs on skis, and other daredevil activities, but this has got to be one of the best. I\'ve always wanted to ride the 3 rides atop Stratosphere next time I\'m in Vegas and now I can do that and get back down quickly without using that boring elevator. Let\'s go!

Steven Lane

Did this at Macau Tower quite a few years back. Not that great, quite a bit boring actually after the actual drop until the cable snags you. After that it was a rather boring and controlled descent. The Bungee jump (Macau Tower as well) was way more exciting.

Tozé Soares

This looks identical to the one on Auckland New Zealand\'s Sky Tower. It\'s been there for years and the technology was developed there I believe.

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