Sky to kick off 3D TV broadcasts in April


March 21, 2010

Football fans will be able to enjoy games in 3D in pubs and clubs around the UK and Ireland on Sky 3D

Football fans will be able to enjoy games in 3D in pubs and clubs around the UK and Ireland on Sky 3D

Last year UK broadcaster Sky announced it would launch Europe’s first 3D TV channel. It has now revealed that Saturday April 3rd will be the kick off date, with the broadcast of a Premier League clash between Manchester United and Chelsea. Football fans will be able to don 3D glasses in over a thousand pubs and clubs across the UK and Ireland that have already signed up for the 3D service as will residential subscribers with the necessary 3D capable equipment.

Following the April 3 launch Sky will show at least a further five yet to be announced Premier League games before the end of the current season on May 9. It will also show the Cocoa-Cola Football League Play-Off Finals from Wembley Stadium at the end of May, all live and in 3D.

Outside of the live games Sky 3D will screen a showreel showcasing 3D content covering a range of different programming during selected hours of the day.

“It’s fitting that one of the biggest games of the season will be the launch pad for our pioneering Sky 3D service. With 3D, seeing really is believing, so it’s great news that over a thousand pubs across country will be able to show the magic of 3D to their customers,” said Brian Lenz, Sky’s Director of Product Design and TV Product Development.

Sky 3D is compatible with both active and passive 3D formats and later in the year the channel will offer a range of movies, sport, documentaries, entertainment and arts content. The channel will initially be introduced at no extra cost to subscribers on Sky’s top channels and HD pack.

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Although the service is at no extra cost, there is unfortunately the cost of a 3D television. A large number of keen viewers have only recently spent a lot of money on an HD TV, and will probably have to pay even more for 3D. Does anyone know how the passive system works with sky?

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