Sinewave Reactor takes a sleeker approach to pedal-powered charging


March 17, 2014

The Sinewave Reactor's USB port replaces the bike's stem cap

The Sinewave Reactor's USB port replaces the bike's stem cap

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While companies such as Dahon and Nokia already offer products that let you charge your phone with power generated while cycling, both systems do somewhat clutter up the handlebars and stem. Sinewave Cycles' new Reactor, however, is mostly integrated into the bike's existing steerer tube, keeping external hardware to a minimum.

The Reactor's electronics are contained within its cylindrical body, which sits down inside the tube. A single power cable runs from the bottom of the unit, and out through the open bottom of the tube. It then follows one of the fork legs down to a third-party wheel hub generator, which supplies the power. A bottle generator (the kind that leans in and rubs against the side of the tire) can also be used.

At the top of the Reactor's body, a metal USB port protrudes out the top of the handlebar stem, taking the place of the stem cap. A short USB cable can be run from it to the user's smartphone, which is affixed to the bars via a user-supplied mount.

We spotted the device at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, where Sinewave was taking preorders. It is expected to be commercially available soon, priced somewhere around US$150 to $180 – that price doesn't include a generator.

Company website: Sinewave Cycles

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already done before, by the brand tout terrain. They have very sleek bicycles too...

Otto De Steene
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