Shhhh! Silent Keyboard EX cuts the keyboard clatter


July 13, 2009

The Silent Keyboard EX cuts noise  down to 45 dB

The Silent Keyboard EX cuts noise down to 45 dB

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Writers often keep odd hours and the constant click-clack of keys on a keyboard is likely to annoy any partner within earshot trying to catch some shuteye. Such sleep deprived housemates are likely to be thankful for the Thanko Silent Keyboard EX that cuts the noise down to a mere 44.5 dB, which is 16.5 dB quieter than your average keyboard and roughly the sound level of a quiet library.

The Silent Keyboard EX is a full sized USB keyboard complete with 12 function keys and number pad and is compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Vista and Mac OS X 10.5 and later. It measures 445 x 146 x 37 mm (17.51 x 5.74 x 1.45 inch).

The Thanko Silent Keyboard EX is available through GeekStuff4U for JPY4,980.00 (approx. USD$54 at time of publication).

Via: ubergizmo.

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