April 27, 2009 If you can’t cook, it’s still possible to do it in style with a set of these kitchen utensil designs, called Shfud (pronounced sh-food). According to the designers Shfud is “about creating new motions in the kitchen that will inspire new ways of preparing food and a new generation of chefs”. The Shfud designs consist of a chopping ball, cutting blade and grater.

With a simple bouncing motion, the Shfud Chop Chop efficiently slices and dices whatever is thrown into the ball without stuff flying all over the kitchen. The designers have come up with additional tops for mashing softer vegetables and tenderizing meat. The cutting board can be removed for easy cleaning.

The Shfud Pear is a flexible ring embedded with a cutting blade and board. By squeezing the ring with your hand, the blade pares, slices or chops. The Pear can also be turned inside out so the blade can be used more like a knife for cutting, with the ring held much like a handle.

Kitchen Cruiser looks and works a little like a child’s toy. Drive it over a block of cheese like a car and it grates as you go, spitting grated cheese out the sides. The wheels come off for emptying grated foodstuffs and cleaning.

The designers haven’t only concentrated on form but function too – simple but very, very elegant. And bound to impress your friends if your cooking won't.

Paul Best