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Shelevator gives kitchen storage a lift


October 23, 2012

The Shelevator in use

The Shelevator in use

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When Canadian inventor Shlomo Shwartz saw his elderly mother perching on a small stool to reach a high kitchen shelf, he was inspired to create something that would make such risky maneuvers unnecessary. The result was the Shelevator – a kitchen shelf insert that can be pulled in and out and lowered up and down, from the floor.

The Shelevator’s storage box is mounted on drawer slides, which are fastened to the inside of the top shelf compartment of a kitchen cabinet. Attached to that assembly is a retractable cord, which hangs down to a height where it can be easily reached.

To pull the Shelevator forward and out of the shelf, the user just grabs the cord and takes a few steps back with it. When they subsequently step back forward with the cord, the box is lowered down from the slides by chains attached at each of its corners. The user can then take things out of it – or put them back in – at counter level.

When it’s time to put it way, the box can be raised by once again pulling back on the cord. A rod attached to the cord is then used to push the Shelevator back into the cabinet.

Needless to say, heavy and/or often-used items probably shouldn’t be stored in it. For lighter items that aren’t needed on a daily basis, however, it looks like it could certainly prove useful.

Shlomo isn’t selling the Shelevator at the moment, although he has plans to offer kits on eBay at a price of US$39.99. He welcomes inquiries from parties interested in partnering with him on the product, and can be reached at sbs447@gmail.com

It can be seen in use in the video below.

Source: Dragon's Den

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Cool idea, but having to hold the cord tight while pushing the drawer would be a pain and disaster ensues if the drawer does not come all the way out before lowering the lift tray.


Seems too complicated; a better idea might be a stable, pull-out step to reach the higher shelves.

Fred V.

I recommend using spring-loaded pull down racks instead (something like http://www.pulldownclosetrods.com/pull-down-closet-rods.php).

See an implemented version of this in the Queer Eye episode on Hector D. in which the team fits a home to be wheelchair accessible for an Iraq veteran. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0878028/

C Reynolds

C;mon guys, be more positive. It is really easy to learn how to use it, easier than a bike, for sure. Think of the advantages. The pull out step stool (which would not stop falls) has to take space away from prime storage space. The Shelevator is designed to add storage space by making available more vertical space. And at a cheap price, especially compared to other solutions such as the spring loaded racks which have to be custom built and installed.

Shelevator inventor

re; Shelevator inventor

As Slowburn said it is a great idea but poorly executed. The raising and lowering of the shelf needs to be separate device from the handle used to move the drawer in and out.

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