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Sharp lights the way with LED ceiling lights


August 19, 2010

The six new models of LED ceiling lights from Sharp

The six new models of LED ceiling lights from Sharp

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Low-voltage halogen downlights are among the most commonly used globes in the world. Despite the low voltage moniker they aren’t very energy efficient, generally producing around the same amount of greenhouse gas as a 60-watt incandescent globe. While there are plenty of environmentally friendly alternatives to incandescent globes, finding a greener alternative for recessed lighting offers less options. Sharp is providing another, however, with its thin design LED ceiling lights.

Following on from its release of LED light bulbs that allow users to adjust the light color and brightness, Sharp is introducing six models of LED ceiling lights with similar features. Using the company’s proprietary light diffusion technology the new lights boast a thin design that is 43mm (1.7-inch) at the thickest part and 8mm (0.3-inch) at the thinnest.

Three of the new models, the DL-C501V, C301V and C302V, allow the use of a remote controller to change the color of the white light with the Adjustable Color function, and to adjust brightness with the Dimmer function. These functions combine to offer 110 different levels of color and brightness that match the mood or time of day.

These models also have three eco-functions that Sharp says reduce energy consumption up to 65 percent. For example, the Eco Light Rhythm function is a proprietary lighting program that automatically adjusts the color and brightness throughout the day; cool daylight white for waking up to in the morning, or a warm white in the evening for a more relaxed atmosphere.

The remaining three models, the DL-C501D, DL-C301D and DL-C201D, retain the Dimmer function but lose the Adjustable color function so are limited to producing a cool white light.

All six models also feature an Eco Dimmer function that reduces brightness gradually and an Eco Sensor function that detects the ambient light and reduces the light accordingly.

The lights range in brightness and power consumption from 2,350 lumens for the 46-watt DL-C201D, up to 5,100 lumens for the 86-watt DL-C501V.

Sharp will introduce the new LED ceiling lights into the Japanese market this September. No word on pricing or if/when they’ll get a release outside of Japan as yet.

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For energy efficiency and longevity give me LEDs any day...but please, spare us the \"greenhouse gas\" bunk.


Amen to that.


Save greenhouse gases, save cash, please be sure the cool white is healthier than cool white fluorescent or go full spectrum and have it over with.

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