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SensoGlove digital golf glove gets an upgrade


December 14, 2011

The SensoGlove, which monitors a golfer's grip on their club, has been upgraded

The SensoGlove, which monitors a golfer's grip on their club, has been upgraded

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Working with a golf pro can definitely help to improve your performance on the greens, although pros can sometimes find it difficult to determine if you're gripping your club too tightly, just by watching. Germany's Sensosolutions addressed that problem with its SensoGlove, a computer- and sensor-equipped glove that allows users to set their desired level of grip, and then receive feedback on whether or not they're gripping within that range. Yesterday, the company announced that the glove has now been improved.

Like the original model, the new SensoGlove is made from cabretta leather, and incorporates a sweat-proof 1.2-inch LED monitor. Sensors located throughout the glove feed into a microprocessor, which measures the gripping pressure of each finger throughout a swing. The user dials in a target pressure, then receives an auditory warning if they exceed that pressure while taking a swing. The screen will even display which finger(s) were the offenders, and by how much.

Also like the original, the new glove monitors the user's grip 80 times a second. It reportedly has a higher sensitivity, however, resulting in more accurate readings. It also features longer battery life. No figures are provided, although the previous version was said to last for 80-100 hours on a set of standard watch batteries, so this one ... well, presumably somewhere over 100 hours.

The more-sensitive, longer-lasting SensoGlove's price remains the same at US$89, with replacement gloves (without the electronics) available for $22.48. It can be ordered on the company website.

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