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No more arguments: the self-closing toilet seat


February 5, 2009

The award winning and long overdue Intelli-Toilet

The award winning and long overdue Intelli-Toilet

February 6, 2009 Archeological evidence suggests that flush toilets complete with wooden seats for that extra bit of comfort have been with us for almost five thousand years, so it's likely that domestic arguments over who left the seat up began sometime soon after. That's a long time to argue, but this age old question might soon become redundant if this self-closing toilet seat reaches the market. Designed by a group of students from the Skjern Technical College in Denmark, the Intelli-Toilet automatically shuts the seat after it's flushed without the need for any extra energy sources.

Michael Kaastrup Kjær, Mike Skovbjerg Vad, Morten Baltzer Kristensen and René Nygaard Christensen from the West-Jutland college received the prize for best product at the Young Entreprise entrepreneurial awards in November last year.

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