Sega's Toylets give public toilet users something to aim at


January 23, 2011

Sega's Toylet makes urinating fun

Sega's Toylet makes urinating fun

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Most men at one time or another (hopefully when they were merely boys) have enjoyed a spot or two of “sword fighting” in school toilets – just to clear up any misconceptions members of the fairer sex may have about such activities, this involves the clashing of streams, not appendages. One of the unfortunate side effects of these duels can be fair degree of spray ending up where it isn’t supposed to, creating extra work for those whose job it is to keep such facilities clean. Now Sega is bringing restroom gaming into the 21st century with a video game that makes use of a pressure sensor built into the urinal to entice urinators to keep their pee on target.

The “Toylet” – its actual name – consists of a sensor in the bowl of the urinal that measures both the strength, length and location of the urine stream, and an LCD display located at head height. The four games on offer include “Milk from Nose”, which pits the player against the previous user in a competition for the strongest flow, “The North Wind and Her”, in which the user plays as the wind to lift up a woman’s skirt, “Graffiti Eraser” that sees the player try and clear a wall of graffiti on a wall with some high-pressure blasting and “Mannequin Pis” which tells you how much urine you’ve discharged. Players proud of the urinary achievements can even download their scores onto a flash drive.

While the comfort station consoles are designed to improve the aim of public toilet users by providing an incentive to stay on target, they could also provide Sega with an extra revenue “stream” through the displaying of advertisements on the console’s screen before the games.

Sega has installed the Toylets in four metro stations in – you guessed it – Tokyo, where they will be trialed until the end of January.

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What in the name of all that is holy is this crap?! Sega really, this is what you\'ve sunk down to? And who the hell play\'s this so called game? Last time I checked if you were close enough to another guy to \"sword fight\" you\'d probably get some of your teeth knocked out. Sega how about instead of making crap like this, you try and make us a decent sonic the hedgehog game. Lord knows it would be time better spent.


LOL - who\'s going to aim for the sensor when the much more interesting screen is only a foot or two higher :-)


this is a cool original challenge. Aiming has been always in man's instinct.P :D

Facebook User

Notice from the management: We aim to please. You aim too, please.

How about having a picture of some well known politician to aim at? Load the scores onto a Flash drive? How appropriate.


Shouldn\'t that be a Flush Drive?

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