SUB8 Performance Pack adds Nürburgring upgrades to Leon Cupra 280


August 21, 2014

The SUB8 Performance Pack for its Leon Cupra 280 allows buyers to mirror the specs of Seat's Nürburgring car

The SUB8 Performance Pack for its Leon Cupra 280 allows buyers to mirror the specs of Seat's Nürburgring car

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The battle for hot hatch supremacy has never been, well, hotter. After Seat's Leon Cupra 280 took the two-wheel drive Nürburgring record from Renault, the French manufacturer responded by sending its lightweight Megane R.S 275 Trophy-R to reclaim the record. Even though its record didn't stand for long, Seat is still celebrating its Nürburgring achievements with the SUB8 Performance Pack for the Leon Cupra, which brings standard 280s into line with the lap-record breaking car.

The changes start with four piston Brembo brakes, which measure 370 mm (15 in) – at 30 mm larger than the standard discs, they should better resist fade than the brakes on a stock Leon Cupra 280, even when subjected to hardcore track work. The SUB8 Performance Pack includes special 19-inch wheels, which can be painted black or, (if you really want to stand out) a conspicuous shade of orange.

Along with the wheels, the SUB8 gains body-colored side skirts. While these won't help you get around a racetrack, optional sticky Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tires will. At £460 (US$760), the price may seem steep, but Seat is quick to point out that the same tires on a RenaultSport Megane will set you back £1,000 (US$1,660).

Modifications have been kept to a minimum on the inside. Seat is offering Alcantara and leather buckets as a £1,250 (US$2,000) option, but that's where the changes end.

The Leon Cupra 280SUB8 Performance Pack will be offered as an extra for £2,025 (US$3,360).

Source: Seat

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Now I wish it was as easy to 'upgrade' the driver's talents! Sadly, driving one of the non up-powered or upgraded models would be enough worry to my insurers.

The Skud
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