Loo with a view: Public restroom concept features working periscope


August 15, 2014

The Seaside Periscope, by Adam Wierciński (Image: Adam Wierciński Architekt)

The Seaside Periscope, by Adam Wierciński (Image: Adam Wierciński Architekt)

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It's no easy task for an architect to put his or her stamp on basic facilities like public restrooms. Architect Adam Wierciński has managed it though, and his Seaside Periscope concept comprises a public toilet that sports a working periscope system.

Set to be located on the coast in Gdynia, Poland, the muscular Seaside Periscope resembles a disused bunker from the Soviet era and will be built from concrete if the project goes ahead. The periscope system itself serves a purpose beyond mere novelty, and is placed at a height of 4 m (13 ft) off the ground to offer those visiting the bathroom a good view of the Baltic Sea.

This system offers a few advantages over one-way glass for example, in that no passersby will interrupt the view.

The periscope features two mirrors and reflects light from outside and down into the bathroom, into a "viewfinder," which in this case is very large and takes up the place you might usually expect to find a mirror. In addition, a wooden tribune (or raised platform) is situated between the women's and men's bathrooms, from which people can hang out and catch a view of the Baltic without availing themselves of the facilities.

We're not privy to all the details, but the architectural plans of the 90 sq m (968 sq ft) public toilet concept also depict rainwater collection, which is then presumably used for flushing. We've reached out to Wierciński for further information.

Source: Adam Wierciński Architekt

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Interesting concept, would the sea breeze also help with ventilation?

Might require some deterrents for birds, or other animals nesting in the viewing overhangs.

Bob Flint

Nice concept. In a periscope without lenses you often see a lot of the inside of the periscope as well as the view out the top. I wonder why you don't see that in the concept renderings from the wash room?


Right. Because public bathrooms have always encouraged people to congregate and hang out there while looking around.

Loving It All

With only mirrors and no lenses involved how do you prevent the restroom view to the outsiders?

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