Scubacraft convertible speedboat/submarine: at home over OR under the waves


December 10, 2009

The Scubacraft speedboat submarine

The Scubacraft speedboat submarine

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Screaming around on the surface of a lake or the ocean is great fun, but anyone who's had a crack at scuba diving will understand that it's a whole new world below the surface. Which is why the Scubacraft is such a sensational invention, even if you're not James Bond. It's a fully functional speedboat that'll scream along the surface at up to 50mph, but at the touch of a button it submerges and becomes an open-top electric submarine. Awesome.

You've got to feel a little sorry for the guys at Scubacraft. I mean, they've built a frickin' speedboat that converts into a submarine - a task that would have taken some years of research, prototyping and standards compliance - and now that they've finally got a product ready to sell, the bottom has dropped out of the high-end leisure market.

But in terms of an aquatic recreation product, what a product it is! The Scubacraft SC6 is a 250 horsepower, 50mph, 6-seater surface speedboat with the ability to dive below the waves at the touch of a button and become an open-top submarine capable of reaching depths of almost 100 feet (30 meters).

Subcraft speedboat-submarine convertible

Before you submerge, you'll have to put your scuba gear on, and once you're in the drink, a separate electric propulsion system powers you along at a more sedate 3 knots, for up to 90 minutes. Being a 6-seater, it's the sort of thing that would work well in the arsenal of a tour operator or leisure resort; you could use its quick, manoeverable trimaran shape to get your passengers to the dive spot in speed and style, then don the scuba gear and drop under for an unforgettable underwater cruise.

All our photos are unfortunately of the smaller SC3, a 3-seater, 160 horsepower model - we'd imagine both of these jiggers would make great additions to the fleet of leisure craft you keep aboard your gigayacht. Put me down for two, there's been a disconcerting absence of leisure vehicles on deck four since we raffled orf the helicopter at the Smythe party.

Via the Red Ferret. Video below!

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Hi i convert junk PWC to DPV ( i am watercraft mechanic and diver) need i pay something to this company or other because the concept is the same????????


This is a cool concept. I with the video showed it converting more. It shows very little of it under water. Is this for a good reason? It shows a lot of the car driving on top of the water.

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