The multi-talented Scruzol screwdriver and drill accessory


November 29, 2009

The Scruzol magnetic multi-bit screwdriver and drill accessory

The Scruzol magnetic multi-bit screwdriver and drill accessory

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Anyone who likes to tinker with a tool set knows how frustrating it can be when that particular screwdriver you need has magically disappeared. Enter the Scruzol, which not only has a strong central magnet and holds up to twelve screw bits, but also features a bit socket on both ends, enabling it to be both a screwdriver and a power driver for an electric drill.

The Scruzol has dual sockets, allowing the user to “grab it or grip it”. You can insert a bit into the shaft end and use the device as a handheld screwdriver, or alternatively place a bit into the handle end and slot it into a power drill.

A large central magnet holds up to twelve bits in place, with the user being able to easily “flick” them out for use then slot them back in afterwards. The magnet will hold the bits in place no matter how fast a user’s drill is spinning and the same magnet allows the accessory to be conveniently stuck to any metal surface close to where it is being used.

Add to that the ability magnetically hang on to any wayward screws in the course of a project as well as the flexibility of having two different screws inserted at the same time and you have yourself a nifty little unit.

Via Scruzol.

Check out the video demo below:


Very cool, I want one. But only if the bits are high quality otherwise I\'d wear our the square drive and need a replacement every 2 weeks. Though it looks as though you can use bits you already have and just \"flip\" and \"stick\" them in. Impressed with the magnetism too, no holding onto screws getting them started on funny angles! Awesome :)

Craig Jennings

The bits are S2 steel ... the best quality commonly available. The bits are standard 1\" bits so you can load whatever you want.

That big magnet does indeed enable cool tricks! It certainly give the bits a really nice \"feel\" as they store and release.

FYI: There\'s a longer version of that demo video here:



OK, the bit will be useless because there is no way it will be balanced---- as a bit in a drill. should make it to the bargain shelve fast. I'm not "one of those guys" either but this is a POS.

Paul Arena
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