Fat-tired Scrooser e-scooter boosts its rider's kicks


June 19, 2013

The Scrooser is an electric scooter that amplifies leg kicks delivered to the ground by its rider

The Scrooser is an electric scooter that amplifies leg kicks delivered to the ground by its rider

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When you hear the term “electric scooter,” you probably picture something that’s essentially just a little electric motorcycle – you twist the throttle, and it goes. The Scrooser, however, is considerably closer in spirit to a child’s non-powered scooter. You stand up on it and kick at the ground with one leg to move it along, its motor amplifying the power of your kick ... oh yeah, and it’s also got cool fat tires.

The German-designed Scrooser works by something known as “impulse drive.” This consists of a direct-drive 1,000-watt electric motor built into the rear hub, that augments the rider’s kick-power. Whenever a burst of speed of at least 2 mph (3 km/h) is delivered by the rider, the motor throws in its own quick boost of four times as much power – the top speed is limited to 25 km/h (15 mph). The scooter and rider then coast until the next kick. A seat is included for riders who wish to sit down during a particularly good run.

Should the rider need to stop immediately after kicking, the motor will automatically shut off when the brakes are applied.

The aluminum-framed vehicle tips the scales at 28 kg (61 lb), making it a little awkward but certainly not impossible to pick up and move around. Power is provided by a removable 48-volt/20-Ah lithium-ion battery pack, located beneath the foot board. Range will vary according to the strength/energy level of the rider, although the makers of the scooter claim that up to 55 km (34 miles) should be possible on one charge. A full charge takes three hours using a standard charger.

Additional features include integrated LED daytime running lights, a steel cable lock built into the frame, and an ignition lock. As for those fat tires ... they doubtless add some weight and rolling resistance, although they also reportedly give the scooter a “snowboard-like” ride. What’s more, they make it look sort of like the Batpod.

The designers of the Scrooser recently launched a Kickstarter campaign, to raise production funds. A pledge of US$3,950 will get you one, when and if they're ready to be kicked along the street.

The scooter can be seen in use in the pitch video below.

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It certainly doesn't seem practical, but it is a cool design.


Did I miss a memo about a contest for the stupidest EV contest?


Very cool. Nothing like keeping rider input in the loop :) Having your exertions amplified is a neat feeling. I wonder if the wheels followed the inhub motor? 1000 watts is generous :)

Craig Jennings

A fat-tired vehicle for fat, tired riders! Noticed no helmet worn in the first pic, either!

The Skud

I think that the range is going to be very limited with such fat tires. The price and pitch seem to be aimed at trust fund hipsters who can afford $4k toys.

Michael Crumpton

$4,000? 61 lb? What the heck is wrong with a bicycle? A bike is probably the most efficient and elegant soultion to transportation ever.


Sorry to say that once again, cool design/development concepts seem to ignore pricing concerns. Michaelc's comment on $4k toys is apposite, but as I read the description on Kstarter, the post-launch price will be even higher. Nice try, no cigar.

Mac McDougal

Interesting idea for those who want a little exercise in their commute, but far too pricey. For the same money you could buy a near-new Ninja 250 which can get you 70 mpg and will easily exceed any legal speed limits. OK, it's not electric, but it's much more versatile.


any propulsion with a kicking motion will lead too foot ankle and knee damage in time...

Le Ducktor

It must be a very short time between face plant and hitting a pot hole. Not sure how these will mix with 3 mph pedestrians.


Very cool but unrealistic price! By this's another nice idea to stay on the shelf

Luís Pedro Correia

too wide, too expensive. too heavy, great idea, why not try and make it competittive with what is allready out there? i scoot around on my totally human driven kickped and think how awesome it would be to harness and release my scooting energy at my desired time and place... hills or wind. pretty soon somebody will get form, function, style ,weight and price correct and this will take off, scooting is incredibly fun and adults need to have fun in their mobility options..


I like it. It is has big tires for big scooter riders; like myself. :)


Those fat tyres would be handy on soft sand perhaps or on some grassy areas?

Haykey Kaariainen

one thing i don't get. How do you go uphill with. Do you have to kick like crazy or the charge is enough to get you up.

Anyway - nice design.

Ivaylo Krastev

It's a nice idea but I wonder if there might be issues when you want to gently move forward and it propels you 4x faster through a red light/into a granny/off the nearest pier

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