New research probes mystery of Ceres' bright spots

Two new studies published in the journal Nature have put forward fascinating theories on the origins of the dwarf planet Ceres, and the nature of its enigmatic white spots. The studies drew on data collected by NASA's Dawn spacecraft as it continues its ongoing mission to characterize Ceres.Read More


Multi-purpose Symbisa sensor looks to fast track the Internet of Things

Ceiling fans, thermostats, mailboxes and light fittings. It seems that no matter which direction you look in a smart home of the future you'll find a connected appliance interacting with its environment in one way or another. These smart devices generally feature hardware that's been carefully designed with a very specific purpose in mind, but what if there was more of a "one-size-fits-all" solution? British company Hanhaa is looking to offer inventors an easier route to the so-called Internet of Things, with a multi-purpose sensor kit that can be adapted to various tracking or monitoring applications within minutes of breaking open the box. Read More


Vitamin C-detecting sensor could assess eye injuries on the spot

Although any eye injury can be painful and upsetting, those that involve damage to the inside of the eye are the most serious. For people like battlefield medics or rural physicians, however, it can be difficult to judge the extent of such injuries without the resources of a hospital. That's why scientists from the University of Illinois have created OcuCheck – it's a portable sensor that assesses eye injuries based on the amount of vitamin C in the patient's tears.Read More


Estrogen gene therapy could protect memory for longer

The hormone estrogen is important in keeping the brain healthy and allowing memories to form, but its effects lessen as women age. A team of researchers from the University of Florida is looking to improve the situation, testing a gene therapy method to return memory function in laboratory rats.Read More


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