Sauna Box turns an old shipping container into a self-contained steam room


January 8, 2013

Once opened and in use Sauna Box comes into its own, being a wood-burning sauna perfect for cold conditions

Once opened and in use Sauna Box comes into its own, being a wood-burning sauna perfect for cold conditions

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Being trapped inside a leaky shipping container on a hot day would probably give a fair approximation of being in a sauna, but thankfully Canadian-based design studio Castor provides something a bit more refined with its Sauna Box. Starting with an 8 ft (2.4 m) square shipping container, it has added a fully-functional wood-burning sauna with a cedar interior and a solar panel to power the lights.

The Castor team created Sauna Box after one of its founders, Brian Richer, decided he wanted a sauna at his cabin retreat but "didn't want to drive up every weekend to build it." The company has sold around 10 units to date, with one rumored to have been bought by American painter and photographer Richard Prince.

Sauna Box costs US$41,000 to buy, which isn't exactly cheap. However, you do get an integrated iPod stereo, an electric guitar hook-up, a Castor stool, a magnetic truck light, and bronze antlers thrown in as standard. And, of course, the freedom to privately sweat it out in a small room ... which could just be priceless.

Source: Castor Design via Uncrate

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What a good idea! Nice Sauna Box and such a reasonable price too.

Ben Stewart

Of course everything is more expensive in Canada but somebody is making a fortune from people with too much money. $41,000 for a old container,stove and some cedar thrown together.

How much rust with time?


For $41K I could build a self standing sauna, hot tub, cold plunge pool, throw a bit of solar and LED lights AND have enough money left for a Kick A$$ party AND a ski strip to Canada. Good God, what are these guys smoking up there?

Tom Benkert
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