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SatPlus Sat Chair is satellite dish in disguise


December 8, 2011

The SatPlus Sat Chair is the equivalent of a 60cm traditional satellite dish

The SatPlus Sat Chair is the equivalent of a 60cm traditional satellite dish

Want to install a satellite dish at your home but can't due to a building regulation or uncooperative landlord? Hiding an in-built dish and LNB, the SatPlus Sat Chair will let you pull in those satellite signals and the landlord will be none the wiser. The chair can be installed on a terrace, balcony or anywhere else you want to install a satellite dish without breaking any rules - although it might look out of place on the roof.

SatPlus says the 5 kg (11 lb) chair acts as the equivalent of a 60 cm (23.6 in) dish and can be installed on uneven ground as the feet of the chair are also adjustable. The chair is geared specifically towards those who live in apartment buildings where residents are not allowed to install their own dish, or renters whose landlords won't give the green light for installing one. Just don't sit on it when someone wants to watch TV.

The SatPlus Sat Chair retails for 242 euro (approx. US$323).

Via: SlashGear


In the US, the FCC ruled quite a while ago that HOAs and apartment managers can\'t prevent you from installing a satellite little dish as long as you\'re not damaging their property, have an appropriate view of the sky, etc..


That may be true Eideard, but most people will not know that. Home Owner Associations and apartment managers and other landlords will often put in rules that are not allowed by law either because they don\'t know the law or they don\'t expect you to know it. Even when both of you do know the law, most people will not be willing to actively defy and possibly create a hostile relationship with their landlord. This chair / dish seems like a good solution to me. The landlord is unlikely to know what it is or possibly to care if they do know since it doesn\'t require mounting or look like a dish. Good to know about that ruling though.


Eideard, I once installed a dish against my HOA\'s wishes and cited the law was on my side in correspondence with them over the matter.

When I moved I was forced to pay the legal fees of my HOA in order to get them to sign off so I could get a new mortgage.

Patrick Vick

This camouflaged satellite production is more significant in parts of the world where the government restricts outside news sources. I highly doubt it was created to skirt HOA & landlord rules.

Will Larson
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