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Satechi Touch USB LED Lamp lights up empty bottles


May 11, 2013

The Satechi Touch USB LED Lamp slots into the top of empty bottles, making it easy to change the look of the lamp

The Satechi Touch USB LED Lamp slots into the top of empty bottles, making it easy to change the look of the lamp

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Whatever your tipple of choice is, from water and pop to whiskey and rum, they all come in bottles, though the aesthetic appeal of these bottles differs greatly depending on the brand. The Satechi Touch USB LED Lamp gives new life to these empty bottles by turning them into a base for a table lamp.

The Satechi Touch USB LED Lamp is a table lamp designed to work with almost any bottle. As long as the neck of the bottle is big enough to accommodate the lamp, then said bottle can be used as the base. Changing the base to suit your decor is as simple as pulling the Satechi Lamp out of the neck of one bottle and placing it in another.

The lamp is powered via a USB port, with both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 supported. Once plugged into a USB device or USB wall charger a single touch is all that's needed to turn the lamp on. The lamp consumes just 1.2 watts of power, making it very efficient. The downside of this is limited brightness, meaning this product provides mood lighting more than direct lighting strong enough to allow it to replace a traditional table lamp. The LED is rated for 50,000 hours.

The novelty factor of this product is being able to change the base of the lamp at a moment's notice. You could literally change it every time you acquire another empty bottle, or instead use a bottle that means something to you. I can imagine buying particular bottles based on nothing more than how it will look as a lamp once the contents have been drunk.

The Satechi Touch USB LED Lamp costs US$24.99 and is available now from the Satechi website. The video embedded below shows the lamp as it looks inserted into various styles of bottle.

Source: Satechi

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I think that is a creative use of bottles. I think it would be neater - for transparent bottles - that the light isn't just in the lamp but also in the bottle.


Yes, shining down into the bottle as well would look twice as clever! Hey! Who said the bottles need to be empty? Some of the spirits have beautiful colours when light shines into/through them. I'd like to see a straight mains-powered and slightly bigger wattage version as well, to use as a better reading table lamp, or to complete a "top shelf" display on a home bar, for instance. Just lift out the lamp, pour the drink, replace the lamp, perfect!

The Skud

@The Skud would be even cooler with a UV LED at the bottom (to make tonic or alcohol glow) and changeable shades. Maybe in the next version?

Charles Bosse

@ skud and Chas from waltinseattle: put the lamp into the pour spigot, forget about the old in out, pour from the lamp. be nice with light inside and the bubbles of air replacing the spirits... traveling thru the light.

Walt Stawicki
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