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Sandables mold into any shape for precise woodwork


January 21, 2013

Sandables are a set of sanding tools that can be reshaped like gritty modeling clay to suit any woodworking task

Sandables are a set of sanding tools that can be reshaped like gritty modeling clay to suit any woodworking task

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Finding the perfect tool for any job can sometimes be a daunting task, especially when that job requires precision, such as with woodworking. So what could be a better tool than one that you can mold specifically for the task at hand? That's why several collaborators recently created Sandables, a set of sanding tools that can be reshaped like gritty modeling clay for more accurate woodworking.

Sandables are made out of polycaprolactone (PCL), a material that becomes more elastic at moderately high temperatures. All it takes is three minutes in the microwave, and they can be shaped like modeling clay into any form you need. One package of Sandables will contain three sanders in three distinct grits for different sanding jobs. PCL also has the added benefits of being non-toxic and biodegradable.

Aside from bending them to smooth out unusual wooden shapes, having the ability to remold a sander opens the door for some more inventive uses. A Sandable could be wrapped around a stick to sand hard-to-reach areas, for instance, or even attached to a drill to make a customized power sander,

Sandables were created through Quirky, a website that brings various collaborators together to make changes to an invention until it's ready to be sold as a complete product. Quirky is still determining a price for them, so Sandables are not yet available for purchase. Right now though, you can still go to the website to vote on what price you'd be willing to pay for a set of moldable sanding tools.

Source: Quirky

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Pro tip: sand before assembly.

Jon A.

These sound like a godsend for woodturners and wood carvers.


This is an odd choice of material - something that melts at 150 degrees for a sanding block? After a couple of strokes, it will be like sanding with Jell-O.


Agree with Bubba - PCL can have a melt (or soft mold) temperature as low as 60 degree C so wonder how well it actually retains it shape once you start getting friction heat.

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