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Samsung's unveils largest french door refrigerator


April 23, 2008

Samsung introduces world's largest french door refrigerator

Samsung introduces world's largest french door refrigerator

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April 24, 2008 At a volume of 29-cubic-feet and offering a 16% increase in useable space while retaining the same footprint, Samsung is billing its latest French Door Refrigerator as the world's largest.

Available from next month, the new French Door Refrigerator (model RFG297) gains its extra volume within the same overall size through the use of high-rate urethane insulation technology which reduces wall thickness from 2.04 inches to 1.38 inches and provides an extra 4 cubic feet of storage or 16%.

The Refrigerator incorporates the company's Twin Cooling Plus™ System which allows the main body and the freezer section to be cooled separately so that odors from the compartments do not mix.

Available in stainless platinum, stainless steel, black and white finishes, the 238 lbs, 35” x 68” x 33” refrigerator also features an external filtered water and ice dispenser, wine rack, power freeze and power cool functions, a door alarm, LED lighting and is 2008 Energy Star Rated - which is 20% more energy efficient than the standard DOE requirement for refrigerators.

Via Samsung.

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