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Samsung's dual grip WB2200F Smart camera boasts 60x optical zoom


January 8, 2014

The WB2200F features a 60x Optical Zoom coupled with a 20mm ultra wide angle lens

The WB2200F features a 60x Optical Zoom coupled with a 20mm ultra wide angle lens

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Samsung has added a new bridge camera boasting a formidable 60x optical zoom to its Smart Camera 3.0 family at CES 2014.

The WB2200F combines 60x optical zoom with a 20mm ultra wide angle lens (F2.8) and its zooming prowess is further boosted by the ability to double the zoom speed or jump directly from zero to 60x zoom.

The design features a new ergonomic dual-grip, on-the-lens i-Function controls and a 3.0-inch hVGA LCD screen, while inside the 608 g unit there's a 16.3 MP CMOS sensor that enables full HD video recording (1920x1080/ 30 fps) and two high speed modes (176x128/ 360 fps and 384x288/ 240 fps).

Rounding-off Samsung's CES camera announcements is the WB350F. This lightweight (216 g) point-and-shoot features a 21x optical zoom and 23mm wide angle lens, a 3.0-inch hVGA touch screen and the same 16.3 MP sensor as its larger stablemate.

Like the other model's in Samsung's Smart Camera 3.0 range, both cameras feature Near Field Communications (NFC) and Wi-Fi connectivity options.

There's no word on pricing or availability at this stage.

Source: Samsung


Interesting, though it doesn't say how large the CCD is so one cannot guess at true image quality. Of course, if one only publishes to the web that won't matter.

But I wonder why nobody has come out with a completely different design from the "hold the camera up to your face to see through the eyepiece" format that was necessitated by the mirror and prism of the SLR design. After all, if you are looking at an EVF (electronic viewfinder) anyway, why not separate the lens/CCD from the viewing/control window? That could make it more flexible and easier to use.


If you have space to mention the megapixel count, then you have space to mention the sensor size. Consumers are getting smarter and more of them understand that sensor size is VERY important to quality.


"Interesting, though it doesn't say how large the CCD is so one cannot guess at true image quality".

It's a back side illuminated CMOS, not a CCD (has any company used a CCD in years?), 16 mp and a diddy little 6.17 x 4.55 mm sensor.

Keith Reeder

@f8lee separating the camera and the viewfinder can surely be done, but I don't agree it will easier to use as having the camera sensor as close to ones eyes as possible makes it very natural to use.

A camera with a detachable viewfinder/monitor that certainly could be practical in some situations, but it will push up the cost. Instead I think we shall start to see cameras that can transmit the live image of the camera via wifi letting one view with the use of smartphone app or a program on a computer. In fact we already are seeing something like that with some action cameras from GoPro and Sony. Of course such features will also cost extra, but much less especially since wifi can also offer other functions.


Why the double grip, one wonders??

Chris Mahaffy

I would think a menu choice giving a short-range wi-fi connection to something like Google Glass would work pretty well. Just hold the camera however you like and watch the picture till you are ready to shoot - perhaps by tapping your glasses or blinking one eye? That zoom sounds incredible as long as the pic quality holds up.

The Skud

"Why the double grip, one wonders??"

It's a nod in the direction of "pro" DSLRs - but it's an extremely practical design if you're given to shooting in portrait orientation, which as a bird photographer I do a lot myself.

I'm not in the market for "bridge" cameras, but I have to say that I'm quite taken by this in design terms.

Keith Reeder
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