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Samsung N120 joins Samsung’s mini notebook lineup


April 23, 2009

The Samsung N120 joins Samsung's mini notebook line

The Samsung N120 joins Samsung's mini notebook line

April 24, 2009 The flood of mini notebooks and netbooks that threatens to bury us shows no sign of abating with Samsung announcing another addition to their mini notebook lineup. Joining the N110 we looked at recently is the N120, which includes most of the features found on the N110 in a slightly larger form factor.

The N120 is a little chunkier than its N110 brethren measuring 10.71'' (W) x 1.71'' (H) x 7.4'' (D) in comparison to the N110’s 10.27'' (W) x 1.19'' (H) x 7.3'' (D), and weighing 2.8 lbs to the N110’s 2.78 lbs. This increase in size allows space for a 97% full-sized keyboard on the N120 instead of the 93% full sized keyboard found on the N110 and also provides room for the inclusion of a subwoofer to accompany the 3 Watt (2 x 1.5 Watt) stereo speakers found on both models. The only other difference is the battery. While the N110 boasts a six-cell (5900mAh) Lithium ion battery for up to 9 hours of use, users of the N120 will have to work faster thanks to the six-cell (5200mAh) Lithium ion battery, which only provides up to 6 hours of use.

All of the other specs are the same between the two models - Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, 10.1” WSVGA glossy screen, 160GB HDD, VGA out, 1.3 MP webcam, 3-in-1 card reader, 802.11b/g and Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR. With the N110 carrying an MSRP of USD$469 and the N120 available for USD$459, the obvious choice between the two models would seem to be the N110. That is unless a slightly bigger keyboard, the inclusion of a subwoofer and an extra $10 in your pocket are priorities.

Darren Quick

Via: Samsung.

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It took a while before the industry listens to the customers who demand bigger keyboard for their netbook, and Samsung is the one who answer it. More of samsung n120 netbook here

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