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Samsung reportedly eyeing off smart specs market with "Galaxy Glass"


January 27, 2014

A Google Glass (pictured) competitor, tentatively called 'Galaxy Glass,' could be unveiled...

A Google Glass (pictured) competitor, tentatively called 'Galaxy Glass,' could be unveiled at this year's IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin

A report in The Korea Times has added further weight to the prospect of a direct Google Glass competitor, with an unnamed Samsung employee claiming that development of a smart eyewear device is well underway.

Word of Samsung's smart eyewear to rival Google Glass first emerged in October last year, when the company registered a design patent for what it categorized as a type of sports glasses. According to The Korea Times, the eyewear is tentatively called "Galaxy Glass," and is set to be unveiled at this year's IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin.

Much like Google Glass, the eyewear would connect to the user's smart phone and enable them to take calls, listen to music, as well as display text message and email alerts in their field of vision.

"The new smart glass to be introduced by Samsung is a new concept of wearable device that can lead to an exciting culture of communication," the employee is quoted as saying. "Because wearable devices are kind of accessories, design is a major factor. Samsung smart glasses should be simple and appealing on the surface."

The commercial release of Google Glass is expected later this year, but with the company yet to specify a launch date, there's a possibility that Samsung's version could beat it to market.

Source: The Korea Times

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"tentatively called Galaxy Glass", really? Come on guys come up with an original name.....

27th January, 2014 @ 08:41 pm PST

I wonder if these will have the same level of dorkiness that bluetooth ear pieces have?

28th January, 2014 @ 01:16 am PST

Just wear a pair of 'whatever-vendor' Smart-Glasses and a smart watch and you have instant birth control... for either a man or woman.

28th January, 2014 @ 11:43 am PST
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