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Samsung introduces Curved Soundbar and adds new multi-room wireless speaker


September 4, 2014

Samsung's just-announced Curved Soundbar

Samsung's just-announced Curved Soundbar

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Samsung certainly made some waves last year, when it released its Curved OLED TV. What good is a curved TV, though, if the sound is still coming from a flat speaker? With that in mind, Samsung has now introduced the Curved Soundbar. It was recently unveiled at IFA 2104, along with the company's new M3 Wireless Audio Multiroom speaker.

The Curved Soundbar has the same curvature as the Curved TV, and is designed for use with the 55- or 65-inch model. It features a brushed aluminum finish, and can be mounted directly beneath the TV, replacing its existing stand.

It also offers 8.1 channel support, and technology that reportedly "provides more detailed sound, with amped up mid and low-range capabilities for improved fidelity and minimized sound distortion." Users can wirelessly link it to their TV via the Bluetooth-based TV SoundConnect system, then control it using the existing TV remote.

The M3 Wireless Audio Multiroom speaker

The M3 speaker, meanwhile, is designed to be a smaller, cheaper alternative to Samsung's existing M7 and M5 multiroom speakers. It features plug-and-play installation, and as with other multiroom systems, it allows users "to have their music follow them throughout the home."

Pricing and availability for both the Curved Soundbar and the M3 speaker have yet to be announced.

Source: Samsung

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I'd truncate Ben's second sentence: What good is a curved TV?


I'm yet another person who can't see any benefit to curved TVs. As far as I can tell, manufacturers are producing these bent displays as a marketing stunt, trying to amaze consumers with the idea that it's the latest marvel in technology. Perhaps on the huge scale of an IMAX screen a curve makes sense, but with the way most people use their TVs, it's pointless at best. For many of us who are serious about promoting developments in displays that make truly significant advances in visual accuracy and quality, it's an annoying gimmick and a misstep by the TV industry. Just because you CAN make a curved TV doesn't mean it's a smart thing to do. I'm not impressed and, I won't be spending money on a bent screen.

Mark Salamon
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