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Samsung's Curved OLED TV released in South Korea


June 28, 2013

Samsung's Curved OLED TV is now available in South Korea

Samsung's Curved OLED TV is now available in South Korea

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Though Samsung and LG both showed off curved OLED TVs at CES in January, the latter was first to market. Samsung has now caught up, and given its 55-inch immersive goggle-box a luxury "Timeless Arena" frame before releasing it to South Korean consumers.

The Curved OLED TV has a 1920 x 1080 resolution display panel with a built-in face- and motion-detecting camera in the top bezel, and comes with a host of Smart TV features such as Samsung Smart View and Smart Hub. Samsung says that by keeping the distance between viewer and TV the same from almost any angle or vantage point, users benefit from a true-to-life, flawless watching experience.

The Multi View feature allows users to watch two different programs simultaneously, and Samsung has included built-in earphones with the TV's 3D glasses so that separate audio can be delivered to each viewer. The company has also future-proofed the curvy TV by making it compatible with its Evolution Kit package, which allows users to upgrade features and apply updates without shelling out for a new TV.

With its curved metal frame, the device has dimensions of 1418.1 x 777.7 x 359.7 mm (56 x 31 x 14 in), and a combined weight of 30.9 kg (68 lb). It's capable of belting out 40-watts RMS of sonic output, has integrated wireless LAN and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as Ethernet LAN, and benefits from 2D to 3D conversion.

The Curved OLED TV carries a suggested retail price of KRW 15 million (about US$13,000). Though there's no mention in the company's press releases or on its blogs, Reuters reports that the company plans to ship outside South Korea in July.

Source: Samsung Korea

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I can't see the point either, surely there would be an optimum viewing point, for only one person?

William Hide

Eventually the cost of the OLED television will come down when more of them are made by a variety of companies. Flat screen televisions used to be so expensive but they have come down in price drastically.


For that price I would much rather buy a "flat" 4k TV. What exactly is the advantage of a curved TV anyway?


@Satviewer, well if you read the article....


If they can be used as computer monitors, I can see installing two of three of them to play any flight simulator game. I now use three, 27" LG HD monitors, which are also TVs. For me, the use of the OLED TVs (monitors) would enable a curved, realistic cockpit-type setup.

Douglas Walsh
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