Samsung unveils flagship 75-inch 3D TV with gesture-controlled Angry Birds


July 20, 2012

The ES9000 will be sold for US$9,999 when it arrives in U.S. stores next month (ES8000 pictured)

The ES9000 will be sold for US$9,999 when it arrives in U.S. stores next month (ES8000 pictured)

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Samsung has unveiled a new flagship 75-inch television, named the ES9000 LED Smart 3D TV. While the TV sports a curved bezel of just 0.31 inches (0.78 cm) and boasts plenty of on-board features, most eyes are turned toward the game that ships with the colossal product: a gesture-controlled version of Angry Birds. Though the ES9000 enjoys the benefit of debuting the gesture-controlled game, owners of existing Samsung Smart TV's will soon also get to battle those perennially pesky critters while gesticulating wildly, as the new iteration of the title will eventually be rolled out to both the Plasma 8000 and Samsung's 2012 LED 7500, and superior, models.

The ES9000 will retail at an eye-watering US$9,999 when it arrives in some U.S. stores next month and for all those hard-earned dollars, the consumer receives some top-end features, such as an integrated camera for use with video calling apps like Skype, in addition to Samsung's Micro Dimming Ultimate and Precision Black Local Dimming technology. As part of the Smart TV range, the ES9000 also receives the complete suite of Smart TV features, which include voice-control, facial recognition software, gesture control and apps like Facebook and Tetris.

Samsung’s new TV also includes Sound Share, which uses Bluetooth in order to hook up TV audio to the company’s various Wireless Audio Dock models, and there’s also a generous four pairs of 3D glasses thrown in for good measure. Most importantly, however, is Samsung’s word that the ES9000 has the best picture quality currently available on any Samsung LED TV.

Though the ES9000’s high price hinders widespread adoption, its release with a big name title such as Angry Birds, in addition to a novel new control method, does perhaps signal Samsung’s continued commitment to its Smart TV platform and will help the company keep ahead of the game in that area - a head start which could prove all-important should the long-rumored Apple "iTV" finally materialize.

There's no word from Samsung yet as to the ES9000's wider availability in other regions, but U.S. residents with a large enough wall (and wallet) will be able to purchase the TV in August from selected retailers.

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Be good if it was a 4K, so you could sit closer to get a cinema feeling, but at 1080P you will have to sit a ways back to see a smooth picture.


Ok, is this REALLY an LED tv, or is it an LCD tv with LED backlight? If the display doesn't use LEDs directly, then it is NOT an LED tv. The only LED tv I've heard of is the Sony Crystal LED, which hasn't seen commercial production (yet).

Dennis Learned

@ ctcsme LG has just revealed the 84" 4K LED TV and its price and availability. You might want to look into it.

@Dennis Learned This TV is LCD with LED backlit.

Emma Child

Angry birds = $1. Samsung TV = $9999. Samsung asking me to spend 9999 on a TV because of angry birds? = priceless.

Jimmy Fukyushu

I'm not sure I'll want a camera on my tv…if it has internet access, who knows what could happen. Laptops and computers are being hacked all the time and I think tvs are going to be added onto that list.

Espen Vanderhoff

I was having that same exact thought. I wouldn’t be able to trust my own TV!

Jenna Mayfield
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