Sammy Screamer: A motion detector for parents


February 9, 2014

Sammy Screamer is a motion detector to help parents keep an eye on the kids

Sammy Screamer is a motion detector to help parents keep an eye on the kids

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Ever wished you had an extra set of eyes on the cookie jar, or somebody making sure the kids aren't sneaking out of their bedrooms when its time to do homework? Looking to help out with these and a whole host of common parenting duties is Sammy Screamer, a small movement sensor that sends out alerts when it detects motion.

Featuring a built-in accelerometer, Sammy Screamer beeps and sends an alert to a companion smartphone app when it senses movement. Using Bluetooth 4.0, the device connects with a smartphone within a range of 50 m (164 ft). The volume of the beep and sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted through the app, which partnered with its magnetic back and a loop fixing, allows the alarm to be customized to serve different purposes.

Examples provided by the company include attaching it to the stroller with a sleeping baby inside so you'll know when it wakes up, slipping it over a door handle so you'll be notified know when somebody leaves (or enters) a room, or sticking it on the fridge to ward off naughty snackers in between meal times.

The simple functionality of the device could see its use extend beyond that of an extra set of eyes for parents, though that does appear the company's central focus. For example, it could be hidden on your front gate to warn of an intruder, or attached to your bike so you'll be alerted if a thief is making off with your ride.

Sammy Screamer is the first in a line of parenting aides developed by London-based startup BleepBleeps, each designed to help with different aspects of child-rearing. The company aims to release other connected devices over a five-year span, such as Tony Tempa, a digital ear thermometer, Cecil G, a GPS bracelet to track your child's whereabouts, Ultra Stan, an ultra sound pregnancy scanner and Master Bates, a male fertility tester.

Sammy Screamer runs on a regular coin cell battery which the company says will last six months of moderate use. It is compatible with any iOS or Android Bluetooth 4.0-enabled device.

With Sammy Screamer currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, pledges of US$65 are available with shipping estimated for August 2014. You can hear from BleepBleeps CEO Tom Evans in the team's Kickstarter video below.

Source: BleepBleeps

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Is this a joke? Is that really the name of the male fertility tester?


I hope much thought has gone into the one for keeping track of playing kids. I'm concerned that the device doesn't alert when/if the child is grabbed and taken. Yes, the device will still give location information, but it didn't alert at the time of grabbing. I realize this is a tough puzzle as children leap, bump and fall on their own without bad guys in the equation.

Dan Lewis
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