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RXS launches pocket-sized Pico Media Projector


November 3, 2008

RXS Pico Media Projector

RXS Pico Media Projector

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November 4, 2008 With more than half of the global population now carrying a mobile phone, technologies that enhance one of their key limitations - namely small screen size - are bound to find traction in the market. Eventually we can expect to see tiny projectors embedded into the mobile devices themselves, but in the meantime, add-on products that transform the mobile viewing experience are providing a viable alternative. Joining early movers like Microvision and Optoma, RXS: Redshift has now entered this space with the launch of its Pico Media Projector in the UK. The pocket-sized, 160g unit can project images up to 50 inches in size from your phone, laptop or PC onto surfaces such as a walls or ceilings.

The Pico Media Projector features a 3M™ powered LED / LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) embedded light engine that delivers 12 lumens of brightness and its rechargeable lithium ion battery allows over an hour of playback time with the option of continuous playback available if there is a mains connection handy. Part of the secret to the diminutive device's 11.5cm x 5cm x 2.2 cm footprint is its fanless design which allows it to dissipate heat whist running absolutely silently.

The £299.99 package includes VGA, iPod and composite video cables as standard along with a flexible tripod (a great invention in its own right) that allows you to find a solid base for displaying video in just about any situation.

Further info at RXS Redshift.

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