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Breath humidifier adjusts to its surroundings


January 7, 2014

roolen's Breath humidifier automatically optimizes moisture for a room

roolen's Breath humidifier automatically optimizes moisture for a room

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Humidifiers generally require the user to judge the amount of humidity needed to keep the dryness out of the air in their current surroundings, but roolen is aiming to change that with the introduction of its Breath model, which automatically optimizes moisture for a room.

Breath features three different settings – auto, high and low. On auto, the device will use its sensors to switch between modes to keep the room optimally humid. When the correct moisture level has been reached, the unit will automatically scale back until it goes to sleep and then kick back in when the required.

The company promises that on auto mode a single fill of its 3.15 liter tank can last for over 24 hours. While constantly running on high it is expected to last for about 12 hours, and on low it should also get somewhere in the 24 hour range. While the run time for low and auto is about the same, the company promises better humidity and lower energy output on auto.

This system works using roolen's custom circuit board to enable the device to detect the amount of humidity in the air and adjust the system accordingly. It's billed as the first of its kind on the market and is designed to take the user error out of keeping a room comfortably moist.

The Breath humidifier is rated to work in a 400 sq.ft (28 sq.m) area, which is quite large for a relatively small (20 x 20 x 26 cm) humidifier. Using it in a much smaller area should be fine, as the device will detect the humidity and regulate it automatically.

The Breath is available for US$129.99. roolen's promo video is below.

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Humidifiers with digital humidity settings and hygrometers have been available for years. What's special about this one that makes it newsworthy other than its attractiveness?


Does anybody make the combination of a DEhumidifier and a humidifier in one? Sort of like the way reverse cycle air conditioning units switch over automatically if a cold spell moves in. There must be times when excess moisture is in the air - say, with a few more people than usual - it could then remove and store it for when needed, extending times between fills.

The Skud
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