Roku announces new HDMI Streaming Stick


March 5, 2014

The Roku Streaming Stick (HDMI version)

The Roku Streaming Stick (HDMI version)

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In the battle for the living room, the launch of Google's Chromecast further fragmented the market with another new means of content delivery. A variety of alternatives have since been launched, including a new offering from Roku. The company says the HDMI Streaming Stick will provide more TV streaming options than any other device.

Like the Chromecast, the Streaming Stick is a small dongle that slots into a TV's HDMI port. Once up and running, Roku says the device will give users a choice of more than 1,200 channels in the US or more than 750 channels for users in Canada, the UK and the Republic of Ireland at up to 1080p HD video resolution.

The Streaming Stick can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet app for iOS or Android, but Roku is also offering a remote control for those who prefer a more orthodox means of channel-hopping. Media that can be streamed to a TV includes Netflix, YouTube and any personal files stored on the user's smart device. Roku is also planning to add the functionality for wirelessly sending media from a home computer.

The Streaming Stick is available for pre-order and will be available in April for a suggested retail price of US$49.99.

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i have chromecast.

i have seen the future and it's pretty clear. as wireless connections get closer and closer to the latency achieved by hdmi cables----eventually televisions will no longer have 'ports' for hdmi. the wireless hdmi connection will simply be integrated into the television and your laptop and other devices will connect without hdmi cords altogether. the 'dongle' will no longer be an outie but just integrated as an innie to the television itself.

LG will probably be the first one to make this.


I've used my Roku about 30x more than my Chromecast. Channel selection is fabulous with the Roku, and pulling out my phone to run the Chromecast would seem efficient, but it isn't.

Both are nice and have their niche...but Roku seems to be more practical for prolonged viewing in our house.

Matt Rings

Happy to see the Roku stick will work in Canada. I'll buy one.

Chromecast doesn't work in Canada and there's no plans to make it work here.


Is this an idea - copied from Airtame - of course with modifications.? Seems like it.

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