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Roccat Sova aims to bring PC gaming to the couch


July 8, 2014

The Sova keyboard aims to bring the precision of PC gaming to the couch

The Sova keyboard aims to bring the precision of PC gaming to the couch

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Roccat’s Sova modular wireless keyboard aims to tackle sofa-based PC gaming by consolidating the mouse and keyboard onto a single surface without sacrificing precise controls. That’s a pretty big mission statement, and while the prototype unit shown off at E3 shows a lot of promise, the team isn't done with refinement, and is looking for community input to help steer the product towards its consumer release.

Attempts to bring true PC gaming to the living room are nothing new, and have been spurred on in recent years by developments such as Valve’s console-like Steam Machines and in-home streaming service. The problem is, as any PC gamer will tell you, that there’s no substitute for a desk-based mouse and keyboard setup. While console-style gamepads are better than ever (you can even plug your Xbox One controller into your PC nowadays), they simply can’t match the accuracy of the traditional PC setup.

Roccat seems to agree with this notion, and as such isn't looking to reinvent the wheel with the Sova keyboard, but instead aims to successfully translate the tried-and-tested control method to the couch.

The product features a brushed aluminium build, back-lit gaming-grade mechanical keyboard, expansive palm rest and two USB ports to connect peripherals. The product doesn't attempt to provide an integrated mouse solution, but instead offers a large built-in mouse pad, allowing the user to plug in an existing mouse.

The ability to plug in a wired mouse to the wireless keyboard should provide users with more freedom than a traditional setup, and the Sova's design integrates a long-lasting battery, meaning that extended gaming sessions shouldn't be a problem. It's worth noting that the palm rest and mouse pad sections of the product are removable, allowing for a range of potential future customization.

Though the product is looking undoubtedly solid, Roccat is far from done with the refinement process, announcing plans to openly develop the Sova, encouraging consumers to follow the process on the official blog and social media pages. Fans will even be able to influence development through comments and surveys run by the company.

We’re not 100 percent convinced that the Sova looks all that comfortable to use, but its large surface area and padded base make it one of the most appealing couch-based PC gaming solutions we've seen so far.

Source: Roccat

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Uh, how is this better than a wireless keyboard/mouse and a board? I had that setup when putting desktops out in the living room for movie watching was new. I think I used a shelf from the hardware store that maybe cost me $4 and used the normal keyboard and mouse I had at the time. I guess this looks better but I'm sure it will cost $200+ since the keyboard/mouse is around $100 by themselves.


I would be more interested if it was a full sized keyboard with a number pad on the right hand side, and it was possible to relocate the mousepad to the other side for all us weird left handed gamers out there.

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