ROCCAT adds "achievements" function to new Savu gaming mouse


May 19, 2012

ROCCAT's new Savu gaming mouse brings an achievement system and a customizable light bar to an exceptionally precise accessory

ROCCAT's new Savu gaming mouse brings an achievement system and a customizable light bar to an exceptionally precise accessory

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ROCCAT has released some innovative gaming accessories in the past, such as a Power Grid that turns your smartphone into a touchscreen for game macros. The company's latest peripheral brings some of its past innovations together along with a couple that you won't find on anything else. The new Savu Mid-Size Hybrid Gaming Mouse offers a unique peripheral-based achievement system and a customizable light bar in addition to extremely precise optics.

For starters, the new Savu mouse features a 4000 dpi optical sensor for exceptionally accurate control, which can also be adjusted as needed. The body of the mouse is also ergonomically designed, comfortably weighted, and covered in a perspiration-resistant coating so it won't slip out of your hands. It connects through a USB cable rather than wireless, but if you want the best performance for your games, then you know you don't want that. It also has a customizable light bar on the back that is capable of illuminating 16.8 million various colors and can be programmed to smoothly cycle through different shades and tones.

Like ROCCAT's Isku keyboard, the Savu mouse also incorporates the EasyShift[+] system, which lets users set two functions for the buttons and scroll wheel. EasyShift[+] also allows players to drop the dpi at certain times to make certain in-game actions much easier (taking a shot with a sniper rifle, for example). Driver programs for the mouse also let users fine tune any settings and even create macros for specific games.

The most unique addition to the Savu mouse however is the ROCCAT Achievements Display (RAD), which rewards different actions using the mouse (button clicks, movement, scrolling, etc.). Billed as "an entertaining way for gamers to keep track of their mouse skills," the application tracks different statistics and gives out trophies when specific goals are met, which can then be shared online. Unique? Yes. Useful? Well, the jury is out on that one ... let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

The Savu Mid-Size Hybrid Gaming Mouse from ROCCAT is set to hit store shelves at a cost of US$59.99.

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I wonder how many of those achievemens can you unlock, before the mouse falls to pieces. As far as my experience with Roccat goes, they spend more time adding LEDs and graphics to their driver software, than on making anything last longer than 6 months of normal use.

Jaroslaw Filiochowski

The images are beautiful and there are some nice lines.

But in my book, you don't get to use the word ergonomic unless you honor the thumb which is totally ignored.

The lights and stuff could be put to good use...

Let's say that you set it up for my Amibroker setup and then had it color coordinated to my backgrounds that indicate the status of price movement...

Then with proper thumb controls you could daytrade with perfection.

So, I don't think that they are being innovative enough to warrant a purchase.


Island Architect
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