Rinser toothbrush doubles as a mouth-rinsing fountain


June 8, 2012

The Rinser is a toothbrush that uses your tap to create a fountain for rinsing the toothpaste foam out of your mouth

The Rinser is a toothbrush that uses your tap to create a fountain for rinsing the toothpaste foam out of your mouth

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Tired of having to hold back your hair when you stick your mouth under the tap to rinse the toothpaste foam out of your mouth? Don’t like using that water-spotty, rarely-washed glass? Well, perhaps the Rinser toothbrush is what you need.

Designed by New York-based Amron Experimental (which also brought us the Keybrid carabiner key), the Rinser simply has a water scoop and connected spout built into its handle. When streaming tap water falls into that scoop, it shoots up and out of the spout, creating a fountain that the user can gulp from.

It also features a replaceable head, so users won’t have to rebuy that fancy handle every time the bristles get worn out.

The Rinser is currently available for preorder, for US$22 – the retail price will be $34.99. If you have a small kingdom to support and really want to save money, you can preorder 900 of the things for $9,500. If money is no object, on the other hand, you can buy the original prototype for $3,800 ... and, if you just like the idea of turning your tap into a fountain, you also might want to check out the Tapi.

Watch the video below to see the Rinser in use.

Source: Amron Experimental via Gizmodo

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US$22 for a freaking toothbrush that sprays water into my mouth. Great, now the foam in my mouth will splatter everywhere when the oncoming jet of the water homes onto your mouth on the sink and leave fungal spots for me to clean at a later time.

Why is it so hard or icky to just cup your hands with water and do it the normal -$22 way? You're just going to wash your hands and mouth in the end anyway.


Nice and nifty water dynamics, but the fact is your not supposed to rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth.


Now THAT is a brilliant damn idea. Great scoop Ben!

Todd Dunning

Is brilliant while travelling when you do not have your usual brushing cup to gulp and gurgle...

Sam Sim

@Swedish reference please - I can't stand the taste of toothpaste in my mouth, and what happens to all the junk from between your teeth?

At least for that price make the heads interchangable... Prefer the good old hands - can use them for all sorts of work, not just scooping water...


wait what is so wrong with a glass of water? this thing looks like a mess waiting to happen or not even waiting and why? wle


I usually just cup my hands. Very interesting concept though.


Hey, Swedish_inventor, you don't mean to tell me you actually swallow the poisonous Fluoride? Read the instructions on the toothpaste tube! I have already thought of an improvement to this idea.


This guy Scott Amron, DID NOT invent this brush. Our friend Harold Perry of Va designed the brush in 1960. See Popular Mechanics, November 1961, page 91 for the article. Use google books to get the Popular Mechanics magizine and see for yourself... it is free. The brush cost 17 cents in Bossier City in 1961.

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