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Rimac Concept_One electric supercar revealed


September 25, 2011

Rimac Concept_One

Rimac Concept_One

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The all new Concept_One EV we previewed ahead of this month's Frankfurt Motor Show has been revealed. The brainchild of 23-year-old Croatian automotive designer Mate Rimac, the Concept_One backs its sleek design with a cracking spec sheet - 1088 hp, 3,800 Nm of torque, 0-62 mph (100 km/h) in 2.8 seconds, a top speed of 190 mph (305 km/h) and a 370 mile range (600 km). If those figures translate to the limited-edition production model due in 2013, Concept_One will definitely have earned its "electric supercar" tag.

Like the original Audi e-tron concept shown in Frankfurt two years ago, the Concept_One takes advantage of four independent electric motors - one for each wheel. Apart from the massive torque numbers (the e-tron claimed an incredible 4,500 Nm), this enables torque to be precisely distributed to each wheel as required. Rimac says that its All Wheel Torque Vectoring set-up, which features front and rear sub-systems each containing two symmetrical motor-controller-reduction-gearbox units, can control each wheel at a rate of thousands of times each second.

Rimac's design and engineering team includes former Magna Steyr designer Adriano Mudri. Mudri is responsible for the carbon-fiber body while a team of former Pininfarina employees led by Goran Popović designed the "driver-focused" interior which includes serious lashings of leather from Vilner and a head-up-display.

According to the Rimac press release, a limited run of 88 units is in planning with deliveries starting in 2013, but at this stage there's no further details on where the car might be produced or how much it will cost. This is one to watch.

Concept_One Key Specs:

  • Power: 1088 hp
  • Torque: 3,800 Nm
  • Battery Capacity: 92 kWh
  • Range: 600 km
  • Acceleration 0-100 kph: 2.8 sec
  • Top Speed: 305 kph
  • Curb Weight of 1650 kg

Here's Rimac Automobili's video overview of the Concept_One:


looks like this may well see the light of day,,,,very nice indeed !


Designed by a 23 year old and it looks it. UGLY!!!


Many of us were sent to study hall detention for the unscholarly crime of sketching this car, or its spittin image...way way way back the day, talking midcentury here....

Walt Stawicki

You should NEVER call another person\'s baby \"ugly.\"


I have to agree with both Robin and Walt. 92 Kwh battery capacity. That\'s my house\'s electric budget. For a month.


I would happily park this wonderful car in my garage.


I have very little good to say about electric vehicles but if these spec\'s are even remotely true I could forgive a LOT of ugly. I won\'t be to surprised if it fails to meet hardly any of it\'s objectives or even if it never get\'s produced, BUT if it does come to fruition and works out like they say then I\'ll be the 1st to congratulate them. :-)


Why does a regenerating AWD electric car need so much brake?


I like it - more or less - very streamlined etc..

Trouble is that with being tall, I think perfecting the running \"feet first\" jump through the hatch in the submarine, may be in order.

Mr Stiffy

Ugly???? where's yours? oh yeah right! you are still busy with it! what where you doing when you where 23?

Michiel Mitchell
This has almost identical body styling to the 2011 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Coupe, Z06, and ZR1. The numbers, if correct, are similar too and in some cases better than the Corvette ZR1 (top Corvette model). The Corvette ZR1 top acceleration 0-60 is 3.4 secords making it #22 on fastest cars list. This is 2.8 making it in 6 way tie for #6. The Corvette ZR1 top speed is 200, this is 190. I do not consider this a difference as outside a race track or the Autobahn I know of no place you can run at speeds much higher than 80 or 90 without being arrested (not just ticketed). A 92KWh power for an electric automobile is less than the Tesla Roadster with a 135 KWh battery system and the estimated cost is $.02-$.03 cents per mile for the Tesla. Allowing for a low gasoline price of $3.60, that translates out to 120-180 mph if you were using gasoline. Three numbers they did not give that I would want to know if I were a buyer are recharge time, battery life years, and cost to buy. I prefer convertibles, but this vehicle is not bad for a winter vehicle. NatalieEGH

Just a quick FYI. Does anybody remember the Lighting GT that was shown here on Gizmag a while back? http://www.lightningcarcompany.com/Lightning/Lightning.html it has very similar torque numbers and even the range and H.P. isn\'t that far off either, would love to see a face off between these two cars! :-)


I agree with Mr. Stiffi \"the most remarkable claim is the acceleration though, which has the 0-100 km/h time pegged at 2.8 seconds, making it one of the fastest accelerating road cars anywhere.\" However it is too old today as design of propulsion comprising each electric motor connects to the reduced gearbox that joined with each wheel. This concept is used by vehicle as locomotive. The four reduced gearboxes are replaced by huge power of engine with generator but they use huge energy affordable, sometimes, by government only. It is realized the dream of manufacture directly to connect motor with wheel as vehicle-toy for to get less number of jobs as other machine manufactures that avoided using levers as is shift gearbox in propulsion designs of past time when was inexpensive energy. Therefore, this design ignores again the Physic Law of Lever to create highest torque with minimum. energy. There are two higher costs for both consumers and all people on Earth whom already pay huge cost for dirty environment is provided by directly or indirectly excessive emissions from power machines and coal, oil that have been used for to produce electricity. Today, I sure machine propulsion concept #1 based on Physic law of lever and my experience of many years told me no trust sufficient gas or electro-magnetic field torque of movement that is created also too slowly and they require too huge power of motor than necessary to use weight of vehicle. For prove, USA patent # 8,011,274 of above 1,000 gearbox apparatus designs that granted at September 2011. They provide 305 kph for time when driver releases brakes. This invention will has not competitors to get about 0.5c for any speed as driver's will but motor wastes energy nothing for acceleration!!!... Therefore, there (1) excessive emissions are nothing in any machine part process of movement; (2) dramatically reduced power of motor according to 1,650 kg of this supercar and friction between wheels and road; (3) increased life of battery and range too. State-of-the-art technology will provides best supercar with less number gears only not for the sport. It will change mind to ignore creating the excessive emissions for planet environment for avoidable its disasters if you do not trust to alive God.


This car looks absolutely incredible! It looks nothing like the Corvette ZR1, if anything it looks like a blend of the Ferrari 550 Maranello, the Nissan 370Z and the Koenigsegg CCX! Either way, the car looks great and the bhp and torque figures are amazing! Hopefully it sees production!

Joel Bauman
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