Ricasol's bra dryer 2.0 dries those expensive bras safely and quickly


May 20, 2013

Ricasol's Bra Dryer is designed to protect delicates while drying them quickly

Ricasol's Bra Dryer is designed to protect delicates while drying them quickly

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When it comes to drying those delicate and expensive bras, there are generally two options – risking damage in a conventional dryer, or waiting hours while they hang dry. Ricasol aims to create a quick and safe third option with its Bra Dryer 2.0.

Ricasol's Bra Dryer 2.0 uses infrared light to warm up and evaporate moisture in the bra's padding and fabric. According to the company, this allows it to completely dry out a bra in 20 to 30 minutes, instead of the hours if would take to hang dry. Because the brassiere is stationary inside the Bra Dryer and not tumbling around like it would in a traditional dryer, the underwire and other delicate components should not take a beating.

The Bra Dryer is able to accommodate bras ranging in size from A to H cup. The front of the dryer is replaceable, and different pieces are available for different cup sizes. It also has adjustable length straps in the back to accommodate different band sizes.

The Bra Dryer was actually conceived by Alexander Farennikov in 2009, but with the poor economic situation at the time, the company elected not to produce the luxury product at that point. Thanks to an improving economic situation and some design improvements over the original, Ricasol has decided that now is the time to bring it to market.

Buyers interested in purchasing Ricasol's Bra Dryer 2.0 can sign up to be contacted when it is available at the product page below. The company says the Bra Dryer will retail for somewhere between US$150 - $250.

Product page: Bra Dryer via Coolest Gadgets

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Can we have one of these for underpants? My laundry lady has been bringing tears to my eyes by drying my underpants in a hot dryer. They emerge two sizes smaller after the stretch fabric is cooked. She even toasted a pair of stretch Lee jeans. Think I'll rig up a washing line outside... cheaper all round.

Dirk Scott

@ Dirk Scott

Are you sure you are not just putting on weight?

Russell Willmoth
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