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Magnetic Revocharge makes charging a snap


August 26, 2014

A look at the desk mount of the Revocharge system

A look at the desk mount of the Revocharge system

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The folks at Revocharge are looking to make wireless charging quite a bit more convenient, with a little help from magnets. The product is being designed to work with a series of mounts and stands, as well as providing a portable battery that can charge an Android, iPhone or Windows Phone while on the go.

Revocharge, currently racking up pledges on Kickstarter, is promising to be quite useful for anyone looking to make charging a little easier. The system includes a magnetic smartphone case, which connects to portable and dock-based chargers. The system uses conductive charging to transfer power, while utilizing Autosense (a technology that determines the right amount of power for the device it's charging). The creators promise that Revocharge will charge at the same speed that users get from a wall outlet.

For the end user, the system is promised to be as a simple as putting the case on and snapping on the battery. While near a power outlet, you could leave the snap-on battery plugged in while charging your phone. But you can also take the (already juiced-up) portable battery to extend your phone's uptimes while on the go. Adding a desk or car mount would allow you to simply rest the phone on the stand to juice up. The mounts also charge the portable battery.

The team hasn't locked down the exact size of the portable battery, but it has said that it will be in the 2,000 mAh - 3,000 mAh area.

As far as models go, the developers are promising to support iPhone 5/5S, as well as the rumored iPhone 6. It will also support the Samsung Galaxy S4/S5 and HTC One (M8).

The cheapest level of Kickstarter funding, which doesn't include a desk mount, will set backers back US$39 (though that package offers a limited amount of slots, which are almost gone). The cheapest package that includes the desk mount, in many ways the backbone of the system, costs $79 for a limited time and jumps to $99 once those run out.

The team says that Revocharge is in the prototype stage of development and expects to deliver products in November of this year. At the time of publication, Revocharge has raised over $13,000 of its $15,000 crowdfunding goal, with 31 days to go. You can find out more in the startup's pitch video below.

Sources: Revocharge, Kickstarter

Update (Sept. 5, 2014): We've been in touch with the creators who have confirmed that HTC One M8 support is a stretch goal, but that they plan to produce cases for that device either way, probably in Q1 2015.

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The problem with these magnetic cases and inductive chargers is that they stop magnetic sensors working! Magnetic sensors are rendered unusable and the phone needs to be re-calibrated every time you want to use compass or EMF sensor.

Haykey Kaariainen

@Kääriäinen Heikki Haykey this product uses conductive charging, not inductive. Also I believe I read that the case is magnetically shielded when the project creator responded to someone asking if the magnets would interfere with a credit card hidden between the phone and case.


Hey really nice they are. But do they works on car dashboard or I have to look for Car version.

Winner Gear
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