Music Review

Review: Pioneer XDP-100R-S puts hi-res audio in your pocket

Playing high-definition audio on a standard player is a bit like playing a state-of-the-art 1950s vinyl stereophonic record on a wind up Victrola – you can do it, but it just won't be the same as on the Hi-Fi. In an effort to create a portable player that does justice to hi-def digital playback and streaming, Pioneer came up with its XDP-100R. We recently got our hands on one, slapped on the headphones, and cranked some tunes to see what it could do.Read More

Automotive Review

Review: 2016 Subaru Outback doesn’t disappoint

As the model perhaps most associated with Subaru's name, the Outback has come a long way since its introduction decades ago. Originally based on the small Impreza hatchback, the Outback grew into its own and now shares underpinnings with the award-winning Legacy sedan. Subaru introduced a very accomplished redesign of the Outback for the 2015 model year and that redesign carries forward into 2016 with some excellent updates, especially on the technology front.Read More

Around The Home Review

Review: Ditching the cookbook for Key Ingredient's Recipe Reader HD+

Just as regular tablets have tried to muscle in on the popularity of magazines and books, recipe tablets, too, have their printed-and-bound counterparts in their sights. And with millions of recipes loaded onto splashproof, digitized pages, the Key Ingredient Recipe Reader HD+ does offer some incentive to leave the stained and dog-eared paper of your favorite cookbooks behind. But does this kitchen-specific tablet really offer anything that a regular tablet does not? Join Gizmag, as we don our chef's hats to see what's cooking. Read More

Motorcycles Review

Review: Kawasaki's supercharged H2 is an elegant artwork of supreme violence

From its signature silver mirror paint job and sci-fi looks, to its electric green trellis frame and Ninja star wheels, Kawasaki's H2 is all about shock and awe. And none of it shocks more than when you open the throttle and access the excess of a roaring, 200-plus horsepower, supercharged, 1000cc engine. Thanks to a fortuitous bit of timing, Loz was able to spend three days in California with the biggest, baddest, buckingest bronco in the Kawasaki stable ... and to answer the question: is the H2 quicker than the Lightning LS-218?Read More

Around The Home Review

Review: Coming clean on the Neato Robotics Botvac D80 robot vacuum

It seems that each week brings exciting news from the world of robotics. From solving Rubik's Cubes to maritime swarming and filling potholes, modern robots can do some pretty incredible things. But if you're looking for robotic assistance around the home, there are quite a few designed to keep the floors clean to choose from. We spent the past few weeks letting the Botvac D80 do most all of the vacuuming work for us, just from programming a simple schedule.Read More

Computers Review

Review: iClever IC-BK03 keyboard unfolds for touch typing

Ever been stuck in a doctor's waiting room longer than expected with a report to finish and the only option is to try to bang out a draught on your phone? One alternative to typing with your thumbs is to pack along a folding Bluetooth keyboard. The question is, which one? We recently got hold of an iClever IC-BK03 Trifold Bluetooth keyboard, went for a flu jab, and tried it out.Read More

Motorcycles Review

Review: Indian Scout Sixty is a worthy mid-weight cruiser

Two things hit you when you ride the new Indian Scout Sixty – how quick this mid-weight cruiser is and how really, really uncomfortable the stock seat feels. Roll on the throttle hard and your body lurches back a bit while the bike screams out ahead – and that's in every gear. Plant your back side on that seat for more than 20 minutes and you'll feel like you've been forced to sit for hours on a concrete block wrapped in cardboard.Read More

Motorcycles Review

First ride: Zero launches crazy-quick DSR dual-sport in California

Zero Motorcycles has made evolutionary changes to its silent but deadly 2016 lineup, with improvements to battery chemistry, range, efficiency and heat management. There's also two new models – the FXS supermoto and the DSR (above), a dual sport platform that now features the full splendour of the high-power SR motor and powertrain. Gizmag visited Zero in Santa Cruz, California, to catch up with the team and check out the new toys.Read More


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