Automotive Review

Road test: Toyota Fortuner shines off the beaten track

The idea of building a plush, family four-wheel drive on a truck's ladder frame might seem like an odd recipe, but it's given rise to some seriously popular family four-wheel drives. The Chevrolet Suburban has been carting American families around since the 1930s, and in more recent times Asia-Pacific buyers have been treated to a glut of truck based seven seaters. The Fortuner is Toyota's latest take on the formula, and we've spent a week behind the wheel to see how it handles life on the road, as well as off it.Read More

Mobile Technology Review

iPad Pro 9.7 review: An iPad Air in everything but name ... and price

Apple is still hell-bent on rebranding the iPad, as stagnant sales indicate that customers aren't drooling over tablets the way they used to. iPad Air sales stalling? Let's make a huge one that's kinda like a Surface! Uh oh, that one isn't setting the world on fire either? Here's a smaller version of that big one! Apple's increasingly cluttered iPad lineup today gives us an upgraded successor to the iPad Air 2 with a new name, a few new features and a questionable US$100 price hike. Apparently being the best tablet isn't enough anymore; Apple wants to frame the iPad as a do-it-all 2-in-1 as its path back to world-beating relevance.Read More

Wearables Review

Pushing my belly and flipping my hood to listen to tunes

Hoodies and headphones go together like Star Wars and sequels. A new company plans to capitalize on that music/clothing combo with the launch of the Hiody sweatshirt on Kickstarter. It embeds headphones in the hood of a premium sweatshirt and a control button just above the pockets. But just how well does the high-tech hoodie work? We got our hands on one to find out.Read More

Automotive Review

Review: A week with the not-so-mini 2016 Mini Cooper Clubman

The full redesign BMW did on the Mini Clubman for 2016 has done a lot to make this more versatile version of the Cooper series a lot more useful in the real world. The Clubman is larger in both girth and length, adding a lot more interior space and improving handling a bit. But there are some losses, most notably in acceleration and the car's driving nature. The Clubman, though, retains enough of the Mini brand's core nature to continue to appeal to Cooper fans who might need more than a tiny coupe.Read More

VR Review

Oculus Rift review: Polished, often magical ... but ultimately second best

If you would have told us a year or two ago that, when the consumer Oculus Rift finally launched, it would only be the second most exciting VR headset in our offices, we would have picked up the phone and dialed the men in white coats. Oculus started this rapidly spreading virtual reality fire, snatching VR out of a vaporware purgatory and molding it into something that we'd want to bring into our homes. At one event demo after another, the Rift – the brainchild of Oculus' brilliant and passionate young executives – captured our imaginations and opened our eyes like no other pre-release product. Somewhere along the way, though, Facebook's Oculus Rift got caught off-guard by an opportunistic rival and lost its leadership position. The Rift is fun, high-quality and often magical ... it just isn't the best way to spend your VR dollars.Read More

Music Review

Review: Wireless Trym floor stomp tweaking with an Aero controller

Back in 2014, Norway's Aalberg Audio hit Indiegogo with the Ekko and Aero, a digital delay stomp for guitar and the means to change its parameters without having to crouch down during a song and twist away at its control knobs. Though the crowdfunding effort proved unsuccessful, the company forged ahead with production anyway and released the novel double act last year. More effects pedals have since been added to the range, including the Trym tremolo unit that Gizmag has spent the last few weeks wirelessly tweaking on-the-fly with the Aero Bluetooth controller.Read More

Automotive Review

Video Review: Jaguar's XE S is a big cat that knows how to boogie

An injection of cash from Tata has seen Jaguar leap back to life recently, with good looking cars that take advantage of modern materials to offer a distinctly different approach to BMW, Audi and Mercedes. The latest to launch is its crucial, midsize volume seller – the XE. So, does it feel like a Jaguar, and is it good enough to take on the German establishment? After spending a week in the supercharged XE S, we finally have some answers.Read More

Automotive Review

Review: 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum parks itself in the luxury SUV segment

For the 2016 model year, Ford has given the Explorer a few updates in a mid-cycle refresh, including some changes to the exterior, some interior upgrades, added safety features, and the dropping of the 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine in favor of a new 2.3-liter EcoBoost option. The refresh also sees the addition of a Platinum trim level at the top of the lineup, which spent a week behind the wheel of.
Read More

Health & Wellbeing Review

Review: Strapping up for less pain with Better Back gizmo

We review a lot of high-tech gadgets here on Gizmag. But sometimes, the best solution to a problem doesn't require Bluetooth, batteries or bytes but rather, plain old physics. That's the case with the Better Back harness, a simple strap-based contraption that promises better posture and less lower back pain. We tried out Better Back for a few weeks to see if it makes good on its promises.Read More


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