Bicycles Review

Benelli Achle 29: Three weeks commuting on an Italian eBike

Italian motorcycle manufacturer Benelli has branched out into eBike territory and hit the market hard with no less than 19 separate models. The Benelli Achle 29 is a hub-drive electric mountain bike with stylish looks, nice componentry and some 250 watts of pedal-assist power to turn uphills into no-hills and long torturous commutes into something much more manageable for people who don't spray on lycra shorts each morning. Loz Blain is the polar opposite of a granite-calved fitness freak, so he's been commuting on the Achle for the past few weeks to find out what the fuss is all about.Read More

Mobile Technology Review

Huawei P9 review: Killer Leica-branded camera earns its place among the 2016 flagships

Brace yourselves: Huawei is breaking out of China and looking to take on the might of Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG and anyone else, with the P9 – its most elegant flagship phone yet. It's partnered with famed camera maker Leica on a supercharged, dual-lens camera, as well as promising big things in terms of performance and battery life. Does it stand a chance?Read More

Urban Transport Review

Carbon GT Review: Polished electric skateboard eats rough terrain for breakfast

When we road tested Evolve's Carbon Series electric skateboard last year we were pretty reluctant to hand it back. Responsive, fast, and whole lot of fun to burn around on, it quickly became the company's hottest seller. So what happens when you take an already killer design and up the power by around 10 times? We tightened up our helmets and jumped aboard the souped-up Carbon GT to find out.Read More

Outdoors Review

Review: A snorkel that makes you feel like Aquaman

A swimmer's snorkel can dramatically change the way you bang out laps in the pool. Unlike a regular snorkel, these devices typically have a single tube that extends from a special mask up the center of your head so that you can swim without the need to turn your head from side to side to breathe. Ameo announced that it was fundamentally changing the design of the swimmer's snorkel in 2012 with its Powerbreather model. The company has finally released it and we had a chance to try it out.Read More

Wearables Review

Review: Hush smart earplugs put a waterfall in your ear

Earplugs are nothing new. They're found in the ears of workers on airport tarmacs, kids at concerts and in many a bedroom where one partner uses them to drown out the snoring of the other. But earplugs that use electronics to help drown out the world around are, in fact, a relatively new invention. A new pair of smart earplugs from Hush takes a novel approach to delivering peace through your ears. We recently got to try them out.Read More


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