Automotive Review

Review: The perky little free-thinker that is the Citroen C4 Cactus

In a world of cookie-cutter city crossovers, you could be forgiven for thinking there were no alternatives out there for free-thinking individuals. Well, you could be forgiven, but you'd also be wrong, because the Citroen C4 Cactus is the perfect antidote to the dreary sameness you get from most economical cars. It's a bit weird, but the Cactus lets you celebrate economical motoring rather than forcing you to simply endure it.Read More

Health & Wellbeing Review

Review: Withings Body Cardio scale rides a new wave

As someone who's needed to lose 20 pounds for the last 20 years, I've never been a big fan of scales. Teller of truths, dasher of hopes, and sapper of motivation, the scale lies smug at your feet impassively displaying its readout as if to say: "What? They're just numbers." But they say so much more, don't they? Now there's a new scale from Withings that not only lets you know how much weight you didn't lose yesterday, but also measures the wave your heart makes in your arteries to make you feel extra bad about your cardiovascular health too. I tried it out and investigated Withings' claims.Read More

Automotive Review

Review: Over highway, dirt and rock in the 2016 Toyota 4Runner Trail Premium

The Toyota 4Runner stands as one of the last true, off-road-worthy mid-size SUVs in the US market, maintaining fast-disappearing features like body-on-frame construction and a 4WD transfer case shifter. This made it a natural choice for our recent 350-mile (563-km) round trip between Phoenix and Overland Expo. We put a 4Runner 4x4 Trail Premium through its paces across the sunburned Phoenix metro area, up and down undulating highway, through wind-ravaged forests, and over rock-littered trail, relying on it as both carriage and castle. Read More

Mobile Technology Review

Review: The Kito+ iPhone case doubles as a health tracker

Most smartphone cases are used to simply protect devices from knocks and drops – the most you can usually hope for is an extra battery or added water resistance. The Kito+ by Azoi is different in that it has somewhat loftier ambitions: it also wants to keep you healthy. The case doubles as a fitness tracker, and features a detachable module which is able to log metrics including heart rate, blood oxygen, skin temperature, respiration rate, and even give an electrocardiogram (ECG). We recently tried one out to see what it's all about.Read More

Motorcycles Review

Review: Indian Springfield – a fast, rumbling, quick-change artist

Since Polaris bought Indian in 2011, the company has continued to hearken back to the rich history of the brand, while making the bikes bearing the name thoroughly modern in performance and features. The Indian Springfield is no exception with its easily identifiable fender skirts and war bonnet combined with a quick release windshield, hard side bags, and that massive 111-cubic inch engine. The folks at Indian gave us a Springfield for a couple of weeks and we weren't disappointed.Read More


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