Motorcycles Review

First ride: Zero launches crazy-quick DSR dual-sport in California

Zero Motorcycles has made evolutionary changes to its silent but deadly 2016 lineup, with improvements to battery chemistry, range, efficiency and heat management. There's also two new models – the FXS supermoto and the DSR (above), a dual sport platform that now features the full splendour of the high-power SR motor and powertrain. Gizmag visited Zero in Santa Cruz, California, to catch up with the team and check out the new toys.Read More

Automotive Review

Review: Volvo hits home with 2016 Volvo S60 and V60

Ever since Saab left the streets, Volvo has taken over as the "professor's car" of choice. Yet, the S60 sedan and its V60 wagon are some of the most driver-friendly and family-oriented vehicles we've encountered in the midsize premium segment. Our time with the cars reinforced that these are vehicles that should easily find a home outside university staff car parks.Read More

Wearables Review

Here Active Listening review: Augmenting your world with a pair of earbuds

If you could buy a pair of augmented reality glasses that made the world around you appear to get bigger or smaller, change colors, have glowing psychedelic trails, or make individual objects transparent ... well, that would be an AR product straight out of a sci-fi novel, far beyond anything we've ever seen. Now imagine that same product, only instead of sight it relied on your sense of hearing. Join Gizmag as we review Here Active Listening earbuds, which give you the power to fine-tune (or trip out) your ears' experience of the world.Read More

VR Review

Homido Mini glasses review: Pseudo VR you can tuck in your pocket

It's taken some time to get here, but 2016 just may be the year that virtual reality finally hits its stride. It feels so long ago that the Oculus Rift first hit Kickstarter, sparking endeavor and imagination from consumers, companies, and developers. If you're completely new to virtual reality, the ultra-affordable Homido Mini glasses provide an extremely convenient – but significantly compromised – sneak peek.Read More

Drones Review

Review: Axis Drones Vidius quadcopter is a tiny eye in the sky

The ever-expanding arena of drones and three-dimensional remote-controlled flight is fascinating and fun. And if you're looking to take your quadcopter game to the next level, first-person view (FPV) with a built-in camera is where it's at. But before you plunk down hard-earned cash for the big boys, you probably want to make sure you have a good handle of it all first. We spent some time behind the controls of an eye in the sky, with the latest quadcopter from Axis Drones, the Vidius.Read More

Bicycles Review

Review: MagLOCK magnetic pedals should attract a certain crowd

Many mountain bikers swear by the pedalling efficiency of so-called clipless pedals, in which a steel cleat on the bottom of each shoe engages a spring-loaded mechanism in the pedal. Some other riders, however, just don't like the idea of being "snapped in" like that. It was with this in mind that cyclist Dave Williams created MagLOCK pedals. They're non-threatening platform pedals, that keep the user's feet in place using magnets instead of mechanisms. We recently had a chance to try them out, and generally liked what they had to offer.Read More

Automotive Review

Wild horses: Coming to grips with the 2016 Mustang range

The Mustang is a motoring icon, but even icons need to change and evolve with the times. For Ford, that meant turning to EcoBoost power and (finally) dropping the live rear end for a fully independent setup. But has it worked, and is it sacrilege to stick a Mustang badge on a turbocharged four-cylinder car? Gizmag spent time driving the whole Mustang range to find out whether the V8 still rules the roost, or if the little turbo is the pick of the bunch.Read More


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