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A remodeling tool to green up your house


October 26, 2010

The Eco-Cool Remodel Tool allows you to take a virtual tour through a house for green improvement ideas

The Eco-Cool Remodel Tool allows you to take a virtual tour through a house for green improvement ideas

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In the current economic climate, more people are choosing to upgrade their current homes instead of buying again, and with the rising awareness of ecological issues, the pressure is on to make green choices. Any major house-project can be daunting, however, and information about green remodeling and government rebates can feel overwhelming, so life is a little easier when all the information is gathered in one place. King County in Washington has launched two new online initiatives to take the hassle out of making an informed decision: a virtual home tour with lots of tips and ideas for greening-up your house, and Eco-Cribz, a video diary of local homeowners as they undertake the green transformation of their homes.

The Eco-Cool Remodel Tool allows you to take a virtual tour through a house, and clicking on household items such as a fireplace or light switch will open up a window of suggestions for improving them. Clicking on “Further information” will take you through the to Green Tools website, which provides more in-depth information about tips and ideas. While some of the information may be local- or country-specific, the Green Tools site is a vast resource that aims not only to provide technical assistance, but also advise on financial grants and incentives, hands-on training, green-building certification, demolition recycling as well as case studies and technical references.

The Eco-Cribz video diary follows local King County homeowners and experts during their home-project.

“We know remodeling choices can be overwhelming, and EcoCribz is about helping people make smart decisions and showing them the best resources to get the job done,” said Patti Southard, project manager for King County’s GreenTools Program and host of EcoCribz. “We want to show people that green home remodeling creates healthy, comfortable spaces that can save you money, increase your home's value and help protect the environment. We also created helpful remodel tips for renters who are looking at paint and interior options such as area rugs and eco-friendly bedding.”

No matter where in the world you are, this site is sure to offer good ideas for green remodeling. Have a look for some inspiration and ideas for your next home project.


That\'s a pretty cool tool. There have been just a ton of new websites that help home improvement remodels. Another site I\'ve found to be pretty sweet is http://bubbahome.com. They allow contractors to bid on your project which saves you money. Pretty sweet deal

Facebook User

The Sims should totally have an expansion pack with the goal of going green (green house, green furniture, green job even!

Shaun Goh

What a waste of limited county resources and money! If you read through this site, it refers you to salvage yards for discount pieces, as in this statement about kitchen sinks; \"Find cast iron sinks at building salvage yards\" I don\'t know about you, but I don\'t know of any salvage yards near my home that I could go to get a sink. And if you go to the \"More Information\" link, it gives you links for everything else but a salvage yard! what a waste!


@Ed - "what a waste!"

I'm sure you can find some waste in the salvage yard!

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