Highlights from Interbike 2014

Inventors and Remarkable People

Extra help for oil stricken seabirds

A more efficient method of cleaning oil from seabirds' feathers has been invented using a magnetic-cleansing technology devised by scientists at Victoria University...  Read More

Charles Babbage: the brain that invented the computer

Though Silicon Valley may be the heart of the commercialisation of all things digital, it is the British who can proudly boast having invented the computer. Indeed, so proud are the British of the work done by eccentric British mathematician and inventor Charles Babbage, that the Science Museum in London has subsequently built the machines he conceived and the Royal College of Surgeons has preserved his brain - the brain that invented the computer. Babbage proposed the first computer, a machine he called "the difference engine", in 1822 - it was the size of a house, could store a program, was powered by steam and could even print results.  Read More

All of a sudden, old fashioned wind-up energy makes sense

Only in the last decade has the seemingly obvious connection between wind-up energy generation and power reliant modern devices been made...  Read More

Douglass Engelbart - father of the mouse

At a Computer Conference in 1968, Engelbart demonstrated a personal computer with a one-handed keyboard, word processing, split windows, shared documents, e-mail filtering, desktop conferencing and a mouse.  Read More

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