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Garry Kasparov takes game three against X3D Fritz

Garry Kasparov has bounced back from his loss on Friday to win game three against the awesome processing power of X3D Fritz. Kasparov played a "picture-perfect" game forcing the computer - which can see almost four million positions per second - to submit after five hours of play. The result ties the match with one decisive game to go, on Tuesday 11/18 at 1PM.Read More

Creating the clean diesel engine

Ron Kukler has spent 30 years as a combustion engineer, before he had a specific need - he wanted a lightweight diesel engine for a high-speedboating application and available motors were too heavy, too noisy, too expensive, or vibrated too much... so he decided to create his ownRead More

Australian science aids America's Cup Victory

When Swiss yacht Alinghi won the 2003 Americas cup from Team New Zealand, it wasn't just the result of a badly timed snapped mast or New Zealand sailors on the opposing side - behind the scenes Australian science played a critical role in providing accurate weather predictions for the Swiss teamRead More

Buckminster Fuller honoured on stamp

A commemorative postage stamp honoring the legendary inventor, architect, engineer, designer, geometrician, cartographer and philosopher R. Buckminster Fuller has been issued by the US Postal Service. The stamp artwork is a painting which originally appeared on the cover of Time magazine on 1964, depicting Fuller's head in the pattern of a geodesic dome. Geodesic domes and a number of his other inventions surround Fuller, including the Dymaxion Car, the 4D Apartment House and several objects and models that reflect the geometric and structural principles he discovered. The stamp artwork is a painting of Fuller by Boris Artzybasheff (1899-1965). The painting, which originally appeared on the cover of Time magazine on Jan. 10, 1964, depicts Fuller's head in the pattern of a geodesic dome. Read More

Man vs Machine World Chess Championship a draw

Thursday November 20, 2003 After treading a delicate path in game four, Garry Kasparov has drawn both the final game and the match against X3D Fritz in the latest Man vs Machine World Chess Championship. The first and last games of the match were drawn with X3D Fritz winning game two and Kasparov winning game three. The result still earns Kasparov $175,000 and the golden trophy - although X3D Fritz is storing a copy of the trophy in virtual reality given that it was a draw according to reports from x3DChess. Game four was the shortest game of the match. Kapsarov said after the game that despite outplaying the machine overall, a critical mistake in game two had cost him the match.Read More

David Warren - Inventor of the Black Box Flight Recorder

September 7, 2003 Behind many great inventions there is a tale of stubborn perseverance, clear foresight, lateral thinking and sometimes sheer coincidence that in the end brings benefit to many people. The story of "Black Box" flight recorder and its Australian inventor, Dr David Warren, is no exception. The "Black Box" is a device that records in-flight conversations and data. The term did not yet exist more than 50 years ago when Dr Warren first conceived the idea of recording the flight crew's conversation on a device that could be protected to increase its chances of surviving the crash. Read More

US physicists create World's smallest synthetic motor

Sunday July 27, 2003: In a significant breakthrough for what promises to be one of the key technologies in the 21st century, scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, have built the first nano-scale motor. Measuring 500 nanometers across, the electric motor has a diameter 300 times smaller than a human hair...Read More

Spray on stockings released in Japan

July 19, 2003 Japanese company Nissin Medico has released "spray on Stockings" that provide a run-proof, water-proof covering for the legs. One can of stocking spray provides enough coverage for 10-15 "stockings" and the ultra-fine silk particles that make up the spray are easily removed with soap.Two types are available, the "Air Stocking (50g)" and "Powder Stocking (90g)", both of which breathe well, wont wash off because of sweat or rain and have passed allergy tests according to the manufacturer. Once applied the spray dries so that it wont stick to your (or anyone else's) clothes.The Spray on Stockings are available in Japan at a cost of around US$20.Read More


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