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Disaster relief kit rolls into a portable carry pack


January 28, 2013

Designed by Chen Yu Jung, Rely is a foldout sleeping domain for natural disaster survivors

Designed by Chen Yu Jung, Rely is a foldout sleeping domain for natural disaster survivors

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Natural disasters cause millions of people to be displaced from their homes each year, so it's not surprising to see young designers putting their efforts towards creating accessible and economical solutions to ease the discomfort for such victims. The Softshelter, AbleNook and Carter Williamson’s Shelter are all great examples of such initiatives, and the Rely foldout sleeping domain is another one to add to the list.

Designed by Chen Yu Jung, the Rely is a concept design offering simple and necessary comforts which all fit together in a lightweight and compact kit. The kit contains a roll-out sleeping mat and bag, bottle of water, portable reading lamp, stool, storage compartment, tableware and toiletries. All the components roll up into a portable hexagon-shaped case with shoulder straps so that it can be carried on one’s back.

The Rely light can be used as a bed-side lamp or as a portable flashlight and the maker says it's designed to be charged via kinetic energy generated by pushing a button. When the small storage compartment is turned upside down it can be used as a stool and the kit’s exterior hexagon-shaped casing doubles as a sunshade or overhead shelter for privacy.

Rely was the recipient of a Red Dot design award in 2012 and even though it is specifically aimed at disaster relief, we think it could also be a great idea for campers and backpackers alike.

Source: Red Dot Design Awards

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Define "portable." Because that thing looks like a backache in a box.

Jon A.

Any idea what it weighs? I looked at Red Dot, no joy

Bill Bennett

Add a solar panel on the panel that would face outward when you are walking to recharge a small cellphone charger battery, or for the lamp.

If that same panel was the panel facing upward when the sleeping bag is laid out, that would be helpful if you leave the kit setup for a few days that way.


Reminds me of what someone with way too much money and way too little common sense would buy to prepare for a natural disaster.

William McCluskey

the mat is too thin


Has this "designer" ever been camping out, or even been in a disaster situation?

I'd love one of the "outdoors" types take this for a real world test.

What does it cost and how much does it weigh? Ultra lite campers have good kits weighing in grams not kilos.

Phillip Willis
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